Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Divine Dispensations (part 1)

For the next few posts I'll try to summarize the most important information given by the Founders in their book Earth Changes and 2012: Messages From the Founders. Due to the nature of a summary there will be plenty of holes and gaps, but you will at least be introduced to some of the concepts. I've already provided two posts with important concepts explained that you should read first.

Now before I get to the Divine Dispensations, you need to understand the story of the human soul. We reside in one of many universes. In most universes, the beings act according to God's will, but in our universe God decided to experiment with free will. We were all created/born as 7D beings/souls with free will. Some chose to immediately evolve up to 8D in their journey to 12D, while we chose to first go down to 3D before evolving back up.

When I say down to 3D, there are three things to consider: soul/consciousness, vehicle/body, and environment. The Earth is currently an environment that is conducive to 3D and 4D souls. The carbon-based human form is also conducive to 3D and 4D souls. Our soul started as 7D, but when we incarnated into a human body on Earth, the vibration of our soul was also pulled down to a 3D/4D vibration. We forgot we were actually 7D beings that needed to evolve back to that state. The Divine Dispensations were introduced by God to help us evolve back up to 7D. Here's the list given by the Founders:

  • The Answer to the Separation
  • The Wheel of Reincarnation
  • The Precessional Alignments (every 25,920 years)
  • The Galactic Shifts (every 108 million years)
  • The Spiral of Ascension
  • The Mass Ascension
  • The Intervention of God's Helpers (Avatars and ETs)
  • The Enlightened Children

The Answer to the Separation, is God's answer to us forgetting that we are 7D beings who are one with God rather than separate from God. God programmed our DNA with certain keys and codes that would trigger at various intervals. As they trigger it creates an ever increasing desire within the individual to pursue a spiritual practice, which is the means for raising the vibration of the soul back to 7D. Initially this worked fine as the Earth was a clean and pure 4D environment, and humans were loving 4D beings that lived for thousands of years. This was enough time for the soul to evolve back to 7D.

At some point though 4D began to drop to 3D. How this happened is probably best explained by Anastasia. At 4D everyone feels equally loved, but then one day one person felt they were receiving less love than someone else, and the descent to 3D had begun; all of the other negative emotions began to pile in.

Up until this point God only knew love. He had never experienced a negative emotion before (God experiences what we experience). He was overjoyed to learn something new through this experience. In fact, negative emotions opened the door on a whole range of experience and learning on a massive scale. The experiment was proving to be a huge success. However, God also knew as did the souls who chose to travel to Earth that the risks of not being able to get back to 7D would be enormous, but God promised that no soul would be left behind.

Also, it is only through negativity that we are able to experience love in all of its different flavors, and the souls who make the sacrifice to provide us that negativity are making the biggest sacrifice of all. This point is also made in the "Conversations with God" books.

So the experience of negative emotions not only reduced our vibration 3D, but also caused our souls to fragment. All emotions with attachment cause soul fragmentation, which is why detachment is important. Even love given with an expectation of receiving something in return causes soul fragmentation. The only positive emotion is selfless or unconditional love. Love given freely with no attachment or expectation. Given this, many of us have now fragmented our souls into millions of pieces. Soul integration (bringing the pieces back together) is accomplished through a daily spiritual practice.

Now back to our story. The negative emotions and resulting fragmentation of our soul caused our bodies to decay faster and soon we started dying before getting back to 7D. So when we returned to spirit form after death our souls were incomplete and we had no mechanism to reassemble them. This required God to come up with another Dispensation and so The Wheel of Reincarnation was born.


  1. thank you very much for your efforts and information, i enjoyed reading the stories of Earth and I am also keen to know how eastern Spirituality writes into the whole picture of Earth, as well as for examle yogic, shamanistica and any native traditions....i know that you mentioned that you were asking Sal, just thinking if you received or posted any thew wya if you are interested, you can find some of my Kryon channelings, warm greetings

  2. Sal indicated he would forward my request to the Founders for possible inclusion in his/their next book, which is due out in a few weeks.

  3. is this 3D, 3 dimensions. I thought each thread of DNA corresponded to 1 D. By yoga we elevate 1-D or activate first chakra. It seems here that that 3 chakras or 3-D already activated when we are borned. I am not understanding the concept here.

  4. Activating a chakra in yoga means developing awareness of that chakra. The chakras are all active all the time, but without awareness of them they operate in an invisible, polluted and unbalanced manner. Yoga or any spiritual practice is about developing awareness of the chakras and then purifying and balancing them. However, with or without chakra awareness, a person with a 3D consciousness is primarily operating from the lower 3 chakras (or lower 3 double helix DNA pairs).

  5. thanks, wonderful information