Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Soul Integration

I just finished reading Sal's new book Soul Integration. It is an interesting book primarily focussed on enlightenment and channelling. There is also a small update on the results of December 21, 2012. Basically, that day was a spiritual event where none of the more visible prophecies occurred. The Earth transitioned from 3D to 4D and people have been feeling the effects of that all year. The next shift is coming on May 5, 2017 which will help advance the Earth to a 4.5D vibration which will then produce more visible results. Here is a quote.

The average vibration of humanity is about 3.55. The vibration of the Earth, at the time of this writing, was about 4.05. As the Earth is ascending, there is the possibility that some human souls will be “left behind,” making it harder for them to remain on the Earth. Once the Earth reaches 4.50 in vibration (the mid-range of fourth density), souls that are still vibrating around 3.50 will not have enough compatibility with the Earth to remain here.

It is anticipated by this channel and his spirit guides that a large number of human souls will exit the Earth over the next 20 to 30 years, due to the diverging vibrational levels between humans and the Earth herself. A significant percentage of humanity is accelerating in evolution and will keep pace with the Earth as she ascends. It is this group of souls that will bring in the new Golden Age.

Less than 1/10th of one percent of humanity has a vibration in the sixth or higher densities. Although the consciousness can reach as high as 12.00, the human body can only vibrate up to 4.99 before it undergoes a radical shift in composition, becoming the fifth density crystal light body.

Due to the low density of the Earth, it has been difficult for souls to bring their physical bodies with them while going up the density scale. You have yogis, gurus, sages and avatars vibrating well above 6.00 in consciousness, while their bodies might be maintained at about 4.99 in vibration. In addition to the difficulty in raising the body above this point, another reason they maintain this level is because they need a human body in order to communicate with their students.

As the Earth continues to ascend, it will become much easier to maintain a physical body that has a vibration above 5.00. As stated in this channel’s earlier works, several million souls will be entering into physical ascension in the years to come.

At the present time on Earth, there are about 300 souls whose physical bodies are vibrating above 5.00. They have attained a state of immortality while being in a body, and their bodies are impervious to most, if not all, environmental factors.

The main part of the book is devoted to soul integration, which is essentially spiritual development in more technical terms. Plenty of lifestyle recommendations and meditation practices are given to assist you in raising your vibration to above 5D as required for achieving physical ascension.

What really stands out though are the clear and simple descriptions of advanced spiritual concepts. Here is an excerpt on enlightenment.

How does becoming One with God work when a soul is engaged in worldly activities? One of the characteristics of someone who is in a God-conscious state is that he or she “sees God in everyone and everything.” There is no longer any “make-wrong” or judgment. The God-conscious soul takes delight in every person, place or thing, and sees the inherent beauty in everything. The ego, with its bodily needs and preservation instincts, etc., is quiet. The focus is on what is actually taking place around (and within) the soul. There is no interpretation or evaluation involved.

A God-conscious soul may be an outer teacher, or may stay in a very private realm, depending on what he or she is guided to do, but every person the soul meets becomes part of a Divine encounter, a sacred meeting, an opportunity for merging and Oneness. There will be a natural and easy form of communication present, if need be, that does not depend on identification with the ego. This is because everything is coming from the perception of union. There is no separation. Out of this state, a natural loving compassion is born.

Souls in this Divine state of grace will naturally be giving and considerate of others, without trying too hard to be spiritual. There is nothing to prove, and nothing to achieve, but to simply act spontaneously in ways that increase the Divine grace of Being.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Placebo Effect

Everyone has heard of the placebo effect, but as a reminder, here is the definition from Wikipedia.

A placebo is a simulated or otherwise medically ineffectual treatment for a disease or other medical condition intended to deceive the recipient. Sometimes patients given a placebo treatment will have a perceived or actual improvement in a medical condition, a phenomenon commonly called the placebo effect.

Up until recently, it was assumed that deception was required for the placebo effect to work, but new research is showing that not to be true. Here is an excerpt from an article at The Verge.

In 2010, researchers from Harvard Medical School and other institutions did a study on patients diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). One group received no treatment, while the other patients were told they’d be taking inactive drugs and told that placebos can have healing effects. To drive the point home, the fake drugs were placed in bottles labeled "placebo pills."

The patients who knew they were taking placebo pills reported twice as much relief as the control group. The placebo had healing effects comparable to some of the best real IBS drugs. "Our results challenge ‘the conventional wisdom’ that placebo effects require ‘intentional ignorance,’" the researchers wrote.

If placebos could be effectively prescribed without the need to lie to patients, it would be revolutionary. Placebos are cheaper and safer than many treatments. Studies have shown placebos to be 75 percent as effective as antidepressants. Fake surgeries have been shown to be just as effective as real surgeries in treating Parkinson’s. Today placebos are used to test treatments, but in the future they could be the treatment.

Daniel Jacobs believes he knows how the placebo effect works and has founded the startup company "Plecebo Effect" to bring that knowledge to the world in the form of a phone app. The video above is a demo of the app, and I know I certainly felt better after viewing it, for the placebo effect is in fact a spiritual effect resulting from simply turning the mind inward on a daily basis. However, given the widespread scientific validation of the placebo effect, perhaps this app has the potential to get a large number of people starting a daily spiritual practice.