Thursday, September 3, 2015


Buying gold just became incredibly easy. Certainly, buying gold bars that you took delivery of was also pretty easy, but storage could be a problem unless you are happy hiding them in your mattress. Safety deposit boxes are a hassle and opening a brokerage account requires lots of paper work. BitGold solves all of these problems. All you need is a smart phone to confirm your identity, a credit card or interact bank account for payment, then choose your preferred vault location and voila, you now own some gold.

As an added bonus, if you use this link to open your account you will get 0.5 grams of gold for free! Worth about US$18. Here are some snippets from a recent blog post of theirs.

We’d like share our reasons why we believe gold can be useful to anyone’s overall savings, and describe the key differences between having a gold account versus your traditional savings or spending accounts.

1. It Is Permanently Yours

Over the course of history (6,000 years!) gold has been ultimately chosen by every great human civilization, community, nation and society as the desired currency due to its permanence. When you buy gold, it’s always yours. In fact, you never really own it you’re just looking after it over your own lifetime because it will outlive you, your children and even your descendants thousands of years from now.

2. Gold is just a currency like Dollars, Euros, Yens or Pounds

Most national currencies were linked to or redeemable in Gold until 1971 when “Fiat Money” was re-introduced by the United States and soon thereafter every other country. Since then, gold has gained over 3,000% vs. the US Dollar which is arguably the world’s strongest fiat money. Gold may seem to go up, down or sideways but in reality and when viewed over long-timescales such as the avg. human lifecycle – it always rises.

3. Gold Preserves Purchasing Power

Only gold provides effortless long-term preservation of value. The scientific properties of gold are what make it so special. As humans we have nothing else that has a cost-structure which is linked to our natural human systems (farming, energy, labor, mining) that is also permanent and inexpensive to store (At BitGold, storage is free!) Gold is the only element that allows us to effectively measure the value of food and energy, over long periods of history. That is why it’s future cost will always also be related to the value of food and energy.

4. Gold is not an Investment like a Stock or Bond, it’s a Store of Value for Long-term Predictable Savings

The biggest mistake people tend to make is comparing the price and performance of gold with investments such as stocks or bonds. Gold should only be compared with currencies because fiat currencies were introduced by governments in 1971 to replace gold. An investment in the stock market or the purchase of a house requires management, oversight and running costs. Investments also carry risk of total loss. For every successful investment such as shares of Google or Apple there are also failed investments such as shares of Lehman Brothers or Kodak. Gold doesn’t require any upkeep, it’s just a piece of metal that is very expensive to produce and very cheap to store.

5. BitGold Offers the Cheapest and Fastest Way to Buy Gold

New innovative technology is changing how commerce and currency can work more efficiently. At the most fundamental level, we are here to help you preserve your wealth. Our success is built on your success. We’ve begun a journey to build a global operating system for Gold that is designed to enable you to save, and pay how, when, and where you prefer. There are no minimums. Start with as little as .01 grams of gold!