Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kriya Yoga Advantage

For most people the Golden Age sounds quite incredible and unbelievable, so how can we know whether it's true or not? The basic premise of spirituality is that you already know what's true, but have just forgotten. The way to remember is through a spiritual practice, which involves turning the mind inward and being aware.

One of the great things I discovered when I started, is that results come pretty quickly, and the truth follows shortly after. However, results vary a lot between different people, as instructions are usually quite vague, and people have different levels of ability, but I believe I've arrived at a system that significantly reduces or even completely eliminates these issues.

God talks about the experience of Samadhi as being "oneness and union with God". It is the ultimate experience of truth and the focus of a Yoga practice. The key steps to achieve are: Pratyahara (sense withdrawal), Dharana (concentration), and Dhyana (meditation).

Swami Rama says:

When a student first begins to concentrate, he or she is faced with all sorts of distractions. Many aspirants grow discouraged, feeling that they were calmer before they started the practice. However, this feeling is only a result of experiencing disturbances that have always existed, but of which one was not previously aware. It is like seeing for the first time all the dust that has been swept under the carpet. This is only a stage or a transition, and if the aspirant perseveres, he or she will go beyond it and achieve the necessary one-pointedness of mind.

This method of achieving meditation is what you'll find in most books, but is it the only way? Let's look at a quote from one of my favorite yoga books: "A Systematic Course in...Yoga and Kriya".

Swami Nishchalananda says:

When people try to concentrate they tend to become more tense and develop headaches, the opposite, of course, to what is intended. After a short time they become frustrated, start to lose interest in the practices and start to scratch, fidget and generally feel uncomfortable. There seems to be a reaction to this concentration and their mind rebels and does exactly the opposite to what is intended. With Kriya Yoga, however, there is a noticeable difference. Because they are not asked to concentrate deeply, only to do their practices, the awareness seems to spontaneously become one-pointed and relaxed.

Doesn't this sound much better? Why stress and strain to concentrate the mind, when you can just let it happen spontaneously. The Kriya Yoga practices will take you almost effortlessly through the stages of Pratyahara (9 kriyas), Dharana (10 kriyas), and Dhyana (the final kriya). This is the advantage of Kriya Yoga over other systems of yoga or even any other spiritual practice.

Since 2006 I've been teaching a yoga class and recently began video recording it. (End of March 27, 2010 text)

On January 9, 2011, I removed the link to, but you can still find my Kriya Yoga Course there if you prefer, otherwise, I recommend you visit my Download page and follow the instructions there for downloading.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Founders

Earth Changes and 2012: Messages From the Founders

The final piece of the Golden Age puzzle, after Love and Nature, is the concept of Ascension. So while Love and Nature are widely understood at a basic level by almost everyone, most people have no idea what Ascension is all about. In fact there is even much disagreement among higher spiritual sources as to what Ascension and 2012 really mean.

After much research, I feel that it is a group of spiritual beings that call themselves "The Founders" that have the most accurate view of what Ascension and 2012 are all about. Their book is called "Earth Changes and 2012"

This is going to be a difficult book for most people to read, as it will likely go against everything you believe about the true nature of the universe. To get your feet wet, the author "Sal Rachele" has posted several messages from The Founders at his web site. Here is an excerpt from Earth History Part 1 on the true nature of "time":

All of time is like an infinitely large fabric, and each thread represents a probable or possible reality. The 3D world is a series of threads that are imprinted in the Akashic energy medium. Each event in 3D is an imprint and this electrical impulse is recorded as having "actually happened." Yet any event that has "actually happened" can be moved into another timeline and you, beloveds, can jump from one timeline to another, both individually and collectively. Therefore, if you desire to change history, you can simply select another thread in the fabric and make that your new timeline. In your physics, you call experiments with this idea "quantum entanglement."

The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory

If you are not familiar with quantum theory or physics in general, I would recommend that you first read the book "The Elegant Universe" by Brian Greene. After reading that, you will realize how closely their description of the universe with hidden dimensions matches our current understanding through quantum physics and string theory in particular.

In terms of the transition to the Golden Age, they refer to it as the Mass Ascension. I'll explain that in more detail later, but for now, here is their overview:

The mass ascension is scheduled to occur in stages, beginning around 2012 and ending around 2030. Souls will ascend in great numbers during the years 2012, 2017 and 2030, years that correspond to major celestial events. These celestial events alter the electromagnetic field around the Earth, which in turn precipitates mutations in the DNA of humans and certain other life forms.

As planet Earth moves into the more intense frequency bands of the Galactic Shift (between 2015 and 2035), she and one to two billion humans will move into fourth density. Another four to five billion souls will be unable to make the shift from third to fourth density and will leave Earth and reincarnate on other planets more suited to their level of soul growth.

There are probably a couple concepts mentioned that are unfamiliar to you. I plan to provide all relevant background info in a series of future posts, but for now all you need to know is that the key to surviving the Mass Ascension is having a daily spiritual practice. I'll get back to that in my next post. The Founders provide tons of great information and I'll quote from them often.


There is almost universal agreement on two characteristics of the Golden Age: Life will be in total harmony with all of Nature and all people on Earth will be filled with Love. So while my yoga practice was slowly deepening my understanding of Love, I felt I needed something else to deepen my understanding of Nature. I began digging into the idea of living life in harmony with Nature and soon discovered the Anastasia books, also known as The Ringing Cedars Series.

Anastasia (The Ringing Cedars, Book 1)

Out of everything I've read, Anastasia provides the most vivid and detailed image of life in the Golden Age. She communicates the power of Love and the power of Nature like no one else. I put this series at the top of my list of books to read; I give it my highest recommendation.

However, that is not to say the series doesn't have any drawbacks. It is long (9 books), but this helps her overall vision to really sink in. Much of the second book is quite boring, but it allows the reader to see how Vladimir himself grows in spiritual understanding over the course of the series.

It is not until the fourth book that Anastasia reveals her main teaching of the Family/Kins Domain. The basic idea is to acquire one hectare (~2.5 acres) of land and live on it. A simple idea on the surface, but infinitely powerful in practice. Her teachings are closely related to those of Permaculture, where Permaculture provides the implementation details for the spiritual concepts she describes. A practical example of what her vision looks like would be Sepp Holzr. He has created a Garden of Eden in the Austrian mountains.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Matthew on the Golden Age

Matthew has the special privilege of being God's chosen voice for describing the Golden Age. He starts with the following:

Most simply stated, 2012 heralds Earth’s entry into the Golden Age, and between now and then is a time of transition from life as you have known it into life totally in harmony with all of Nature.

This is perhaps the second most important line in his message: "life totally in harmony with all of Nature". I believe it is one of two keys for understanding the Golden Age. I'll talk more about this later in his message. Next he talks about timing:

But that year [2012] no longer has the “time absoluteness” it once held in prophecies, and your calendar cannot accurately convey when the major transitional changes will be completed because linear time is disappearing.

Nostradamus is also very vague when it comes to timing. I do have others sources for timing which I'll cover in subsequent posts, but by 2012 many changes will certainly be well underway. Next is the Golden Age at the most basic level:

The goddess vibrations that already are showing effects will continue to bless you as individuals and as a civilization. The negativity that is the root of fear, greed, dishonor and violence will be gone in the Golden Age, and the vibrations of Earth’s entirety will be LOVE.

Anastasia (The Ringing Cedars, Book 1)

This is without a doubt the most important line in his message: "the vibrations of Earth’s entirety will be LOVE". Each person needs to find a way to arrive at a place where every emotion they experience is based in Love. There is a "goddess" in human form on Earth who goes by the name of Anastasia. Her words on Love and Nature are the most profound I've ever read. I'll speak much more about her in subsequent posts. Matthew also confirms what God hinted at with regard to help from ETs:

The progressive changes have required and will continue to require the help of extraterrestrials.

In future posts I'll provide the history and current state of ET involvement with the Earth. Disclosure of the ET presence on Earth and in our skies is expected shortly, once the Illuminati has been taken care of.

Only a comparative handful of people know how tenuous and corrupt the global economy is or that international trade and the stock markets are manipulated by the Illuminati, a group of darkly-inclined people who have passed their tight global reins from generation to generation. They have amassed vast fortunes through that control as well as by charging usurious bank loan rates and accruing mammoth amounts from their illegal drugs industry, and they use that money to buy governments; bankrupt countries and exploit their natural resources; keep billions of souls at barely subsistence level; and fund both sides in wars that they precipitate and perpetuate because from wars they derive handsome profits. This cannot continue and it won’t. The unconscionably inequitable allocation of money in your world will end.

According to Anastasia and others, the Illuminati has ruled the planet for over 7000 years. Their origins can be traced back to the high priests of Egypt, and since then all world leaders have been their puppets, until Obama. The Fed and IRS are both part of the Illuminati according to Matthew:

The national debt, in large part due to the skullduggery of the Illuminati-owned Federal Reserve System and its IRS collection agency, will become manageable when that System is dissolved. The various currencies, especially dollars, have no foundation—daily transactions involving billions of dollars and other currencies are merely information passed from one computer to another and they far exceed the money to back them. The “new” foundation for currencies will be a return to an old one, where precious metals was a set standard for exchange, and “old fashioned” bartering once again will be an excellent way for nations and communities to conduct some business.

From the time this message was published, a mere 9 months later, the global financial crisis swept the world. Many believe it is now behind us, but many now also believe the worst is yet to come. I'll post much more on the world economy later, but for now: Buy Gold! Now more changes related to Nature:

Too, you will come to know and treasure the Devic kingdom that is so closely allied with the beauty and thriving of all that you consider Nature.

The return of the Devic Kingdom on Earth is another major event of the Golden Age. Hindu mythology is filled with stories of the Devas and Apsaras. In western terms they are known as Elementals and Faeries, but also include Sprites and Nymphs. It'll be fascinating to once again have these beings walk amongst us. Also, as part of living in harmony with Nature, diets will change:

Diets will change from meat and seafood to plants as people learn to respect and honor all animal life. The herds of food animals will decrease through the cessation of breeding and natural transition, and as plants become diet staples, any that were harmfully genetically engineered will shed those properties.

Animals in the wild will instinctively know not to overpopulate and those that are carnivorous will turn to the plant kingdom for sustenance.

Everyone will be vegetarian in the Golden Age; even the animals! As we begin to live in harmony with Nature, Nature will begin to live in harmony with us:

What are commonly known as “global warming” and “El Nino” are part of Earth’s natural processes to return to her original moderate climate everywhere. While she is achieving this, glaciers will melt, the vast deserts will become arable, rain forests will flourish, and variations in temperatures will markedly decrease—ultimately, everyplace in your world will be comfortably habitable.

Matthew certainly makes this sound nice, but Nostradamus on the Golden Age talks about many continents being flooded when the ice caps melt. So it might be wise to move inland and avoid living at sea level on an oceanfront property. Next is more spirit world interaction:

[on miracles] Like souls on Earth and in Nirvana once again going back and forth between these physical and spirit worlds, travel that was commonplace until third density limitations closed minds to this possibility.

Another big change, though not all sources agree this will be available to everyone in the Golden Age. Hindu mythology is filled with such travel. Now Matthew gets to the bad news:

Further, the higher frequencies now on the planet are magnifying all human characteristics, and those that are darkly-inclined are showing that intensification through increasing hostility, greed, violence and apathy toward those who are suffering and in desperate need.

There is a great divide coming in our current civilization. Soon there will be people filled with only love on one side, and people filled with fear and hate on the other. The middle ground where most people currently reside will cease to exist. This is why having a daily spiritual practice is so important, because even the tiniest bit of anxiety or frustration can quickly get out of control as the frequencies intensify ever more rapidly.

Remember, you have the power to create your own abundance through the law of attraction, and sharing your resources is the best way to bring even more abundance into your life.

The single most important thing to understand is that Love is all powerful. I encourage you to read Matthew's message in its entirety. It's one of the best descriptions of the Golden Age anywhere.

Friday, March 19, 2010

God on the Golden Age

Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven: A Firsthand Description of the Afterlife (Matthew Book, 1)

Since 2001 I'd focused my attention on Kriya Yoga while waiting for more of the Nostradamus prophecies to come true, then in 2008 the global financial crisis hit. Around the same time trailers for the film 2012 also started playing. My interest in the Golden Age was once again renewed, and after a bit of searching I discovered Matthew Ward.


Matthew publishes monthly updates on humanity's journey to the Golden Age. His main message on the Golden Age was published on December 31, 2007. It begins with God speaking to Matthew's mother, Suzy.

God - All right, Suzy, let’s talk about this topic that’s looming larger as the days pass: What will happen when you cross off the last day of 2011 on your calendar and you pin up the one for 2012? The thoughts in many minds about that year range from the sublime to the ridiculous, and since the latter is so quickly addressed, that’s where I’ll begin.

No, your world is not going to end. Earth is an eternal soul inhabiting a planetary body, and now that it’s back from the brink of destruction— thanks to the infusion of light from your “space” neighbors—and on the way back to its original vibrant health and beauty, she’s going to keep it for a long time to come.

With “ridiculous” accounted for, what is the “sublime” that you can expect 2012 to bring? Like everything else that happens anywhere, the choice is up to individuals, the decisions each makes. What I can tell you with certainty is, you who make the trip with Earth into the higher planes will be living in the promised Golden Age. In numerous of his messages, my Matthew-Self has accurately described the changes and challenges during the transition between now and your world in 2012 with its astounding differences that you will welcome wholeheartedly.

Suzy, I need your proficiency here, to find all the parts of his messages about this and organize and edit them so the information flows nicely and there’s no superfluous or repetitious material. So, will you work with me on this?

Suzy – Well, of course, if that’s what you want. But I’m curious—why you don’t just talk about this yourself?

God –I know all about your curiosity, Suzy. My preference for Matthew’s words goes back to this “umbrella God” of yours, the indivisible sum of every single soul in this universe, and to you, that collective multidimensional intelligence is inconceivable. It is to everyone there, and that’s my point. I want the information to come from a highly evolved soul whose fairly recent life on Earth and love bonds with some souls living there is a personal perspective as well as an authentic account of Earth’s journey into the Golden Age and what life there will be like. I can’t think of a more appropriate soul than your dear son, can you?

Suzy –God, you know perfectly well you’re playing up to my maternal genes, don’t you!

Yes, I do believe this is the same God that spoke with Neale in "Conversations with God". I don't believe Nostradamus ever made a clear link between 2012 and the Golden Age, but God certainly does. In my next post, I'll dive into Matthew's description of the Golden Age in detail.