Thursday, January 12, 2017

Comet Annanhutak

Above is an image of the comet Lovejoy flying past the Earth. Comets are essentially balls of ice and dust that begin to melt as they fly past the Sun producing a dusty gaseous tail.

According to the Founders, the comet Annanhutak, as part of its 10,500 year orbit, will make its scheduled pass within 25 million miles of the Earth on May 5, 2017. This is approximately the same distance as between the Earth and Venus when they pass each other, however, the influence of Annanhutak is more significant. It is responsible for wiping out the dinosaurs about 60 million years ago when it came unusually close to the Earth during that particular pass. The Earth got hit by the icy gasses in the comet's tail causing the temperature to drop drastically to well below what the dinosaurs could withstand.

The passage of Annanhutak is the second of three major astronomical events that will assist in increasing the Earth's vibration to bring us to the Golden Age. The first was the precessional alignment in 2012 and the third will be the passage of the planetoid Nibiru in 2030.

I searched the list of near-parabolic comets, which are comets with an orbit of more than 1000 years, to look for a match to Annanhutak and found a comet named "C/2015 ER61" that will reach its closest point to the Sun on May 9, 2017 at a distance of 1.050452 AU. One AU equals the distance from the Earth to the Sun, so subtracting one leaves the closest possible distance to the Earth at 0.05 AU which corresponds to only 4.65 million miles. This means 25 million miles is entirely reasonable for the current pass.

The only problem is the length of the orbit, which wikipedia states is 170,000 years, so I decided to look for another source and found the Minor Planet Center Database Search and entered "C/2015 ER61". This produced 3 sets of data for 3 epochs, and each epoch corresponded to a different length of orbit: 7,533 years, 11,401 years and 158,133 years. These differences are caused by unknown perturbations, but given that 10,500 falls within this range, it may be the actual orbit once perturbations are accurately accounted for.

If you click the "Interactive Orbit Sketch" on the same page with the epoch data, you will see the orbit of the comet as shown below. The yellow ball in the center is the sun and the third orbit from the sun in light blue is the Earth. The comet orbit is dark blue when below the Earth orbit plane and yellow when above.

Due to the passage of Annanhutak, the Founders anticipate "a mild to moderate fluctuation in Earth’s EM field in May of 2017". They also say the following:

Because 3D humanity will already be weakened from their experience of the precessional alignment (while 4D humanity will be strengthened), the fluctuations from the comet will further accelerate the changes already underway in humanity. Add to this the likelihood that the economic and political systems of Earth will be a lot less stable, and you have a formula for dramatic change. In the event that the economic systems of the countries of Earth are still functioning in 2017, they could be severely tested by floods, strong storms and droughts attributed to the passage of the comet.

If humans decide to experience the comet’s passage in a loving instead of fearful way, any radiation or cooling of the atmosphere associated with the passage of the comet will be only minimally felt.

I don't know about you, but it's been pretty cold in Ottawa this winter :)