This blog presents the results of my spiritual journey that I feel others might benefit from. I do include news from time to time, but the focus is to try to create an instruction manual for navigating the coming Earth changes and successfully arriving at the Golden Age. As such please see the Blog Archive in the right column and begin reading from the first published post.

The single most important thing you need to do is find or devise a daily spiritual practice. The key to success with any spiritual practice is self-discipline. Also, each person is different, so a particular spiritual practice that works well for one person might not work for someone else. You must follow your own inner guidance.

The spiritual practice that I've discovered that I feel suits me best is Kriya Yoga. If you feel an affinity towards yoga, then definitely read all of my posts labeled "yoga" (look under Labels in the right column). I provide step by step instructions in a free Kriya Yoga video course.

In terms of lifestyle, I have fallen for Anastasia's vision of the Golden Age (see "anastasia" under Labels). As such, I hope to eventually purchase a country home on the requisite one hectare of land, where I'll have my own well water, grow my own food, and produce my own power (solar/wind). Again, this lifestyle is not necessarily required for the Golden Age, but all sources agree that life will be in total harmony with all of nature. Each person must follow their own inner guidance as to what this means to them. As I make progress towards achieving Anastasia's vision, I'll blog the lessons learned for the benefit of everyone seeking to do the same.

Finally, it helps to have a view of God's overall plan for us in order to put your spiritual practice and lifestyle choices in context. Here I'll give my perspective on life's big questions, primarily using the Founders as my guide (see "founders" under Labels). Questions such as: What is the universe? Who are we and how did we get here? What is Ascension and 2012 all about? And so on...