Sunday, July 3, 2011

Nithyananda Scandal

One of my readers informed me of Nithyananda's sex scandal video, so I thought I should share my thoughts on that after recommending him in my last post. It's unfortunate that this has happened, as I still believe that his eN-Kriya technique is quite amazing based on my own experience with it. So after this post I will continue to describe it in my next two posts. Of course, I completely understand if you no longer have any interest in it after reading this post. However, you should also be aware that Swami Rama went through a similar sex scandal, and while Swami Satyananda made it through life free of scandals, at least one or more of his disciples representing his ashram ended up in sex scandals.

I searched the internet for the most scathing (but not inflammatory) article I could find on the subject, and in the end, the news site DNA India had an article that fit the bill.

Officers of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) said on Tuesday that disciples of tainted swamy Nithyananda Paramahamsa of the Nithyananda Dhyanapeetham at Bidadi in Ramanagaram district tried to derail the investigation into the sexual escapades and sleaze tapes featuring the self-styled godman and Tamil actress Ranjitha alias Srivalli.

The officers say that if it were not for the persistence of one woman who refused to be cowed down, investigations might have drawn a blank. The woman who aided the investigations is, at present, settled in the US. The CID did not want to divulge her identity, but claimed that she admitted to being repeatedly raped by the swamy.

“The woman came forward even though a Mysore resident, who later settled in the US, Vinay Bharadwaj, was silenced. The disciples of Nithyananda slapped a false case against Bharadwaj, and he was jailed in Seattle, just as he had agreed to depose before investigating officers. We were left with no evidence, as Ranjitha had already claimed that she had had nothing to do with the case,” an officer said.

Director-general of police (CID) DV Guruprasad, said that this is a matter in which no case can be made, if it involves consenting adults. “We were left with only one man willing to depose, Vinay Bhardwaj. But he was silenced after a criminal case was slapped on him in the USA. The ray of hope came after an anonymous woman came forward, alleging that the ‘spiritual leader’ repeatedly raped her. This woman gave us a statement that ran into 23 pages,” Guruprasad said.

Investigations have revealed that the statement that actor Ranjitha made to the media on December 31 about being blackmailed was not true. An officer stated that soon after the videos were made, the spiritual leader was blackmailed, not Ranjitha. “As soon as the ashram inmates came to know about the sleaze tapes, they tried to hush the matter up by offering huge sums of money to prevent them from being made public,” the official said.

Some third parties were paid at least Rs10 crore in a bid to stop the telecast of the video. Even though money changed hands, the tapes were telecast on a TV channel for the first time on March 2, 2010. Nithyananda fled the ashram and went to Haridwar. As he was on his way there, he called Ranjitha and told her not to talk to anyone, especially the media. Ranjitha herself made a statement to this effect to officials,” an officer said.

Soon after Nithyananda was arrested from Solan, Himachal Pradesh, where he had been in hiding, he was brought to the CID headquarters. Nithyananda confessed that he had erectile dysfunction. “He also confessed that he had a heightened urge for sex on amavasya and poornima nights, when there is the new moon or the full moon. He said that he was much like other men when it came to the sex urge.

“He confessed that he had sex with as many as 20 disciples. He also said that in order to impart ‘spiritual bliss’ to disciples, he used to hug them. He made the allegation that his work had drawn a large number of non-Hindus into the fold, causing resentment,” an officer said.

In her statement to the CID police on June 21, Ranjitha made it clear that she and the swamiji were in constant touch: “On March 2 night, Swamiji spoke to me over my mobile phone and informed me that the clippings had been telecast. I was shocked. Swamiji consoled me. He advised me not to talk to the media. It is false to say I had purchased a house worth Rs20 crore. I know about the non-disclosure agreement, but I have not signed any such thing,” Ranjitha had said.

Forensic tests on the tapes revealed that the people featured in them were indeed Nithyananda and Ranjitha. Attempting to explain, Ranjitha said that as a celebrity, she has appeared for sessions of video filming to promote activities at the ashram. Ranjitha had also accompanied the swamiji on his trips to the USA a couple of times.

For those interested in reading more, you can type "Nithyananda" in the search box at DNA India to get the dozens of articles that have been written on this since the story began on March 2, 2010.

Nithyananda has created a playlist of 11 videos on YouTube where he presents his side of the story. It is called "Nithyananda Answers on Scandal". The videos are selectable across the bottom of the page.


  1. I love " The Pursuit of Happyness",here are Classic Dialogues"

    Chris Gardner:You have a dream, you got to protect it.

    Chris Gardner:People can't do something by themselves; they wanna tell you you can not do it.

    Chris Gardner:You want something. Go get it!


    How about your feelings when you met the film?

  2. Please do not rely on the media mafia... they are currently in contempt of court for printing the untruths... there are some politicians, related to the media owner, related to Lenin, who continue to print like this... there is no admission that he slept with 20 women... they printed it and it became the story... and so on with the other stories in DNA... now CID is even suspect... they have "lost" their recorded interrogation... there is no complainant in U.S. ... and have you noticed the attack on ALL swamis in the past year? None are safe from this group of rowdies in their concerted effort to stop any momentum in awakening and independence from government. Nithyananda continues to express an energy and teach in a way that is helping thousands... I have seen him work 20 hrs and more per day just to teach ... he is always working... he doesn't have time to do anything else that he has been accused of, and the courts have finally turned and are now dropping all against him, and reprimanding the bad guys who started all this.

    I thank you for remaining open to shine light on the dishonest, criminal escapades that have been hurled at Swamiji and other Vedic teachers.

  3. >I love "The Pursuit of Happyness"

    I do too, as it touches what is at the core of human existence. You might like "The Parable" which presents the same idea in a different form.

  4. >Please do not rely on the media mafia

    I do not rely on them, but we all need to be aware of what they are saying.

    >Nithyananda continues to express an energy and
    >teach in a way that is helping thousands

    I agree, which is why I will be continuing to post his teachings.

  5. In the 1st few days of the scandal, Nithyananda admitted to his biographer and other senior swamis & ashramites that the tapes were true and that he'd had sex with so many women and a few men, he doesn't even recall all their names!How lovely. The authenticity of the tapes have been verified by a number of independent labs. As a devotee at the time the scandal erupted, I and my friends watched in horror as the drama unfolded. We were in shock and disbelief and stood by him for many weeks, until we watched him repeatedly contradict himself and lie, lie, lie on video - saying he'd never said things I personally heard him say. And the arrogance he displayed along with cowardliness! I was (and am still) appalled that I was sucked in by this erstwhile charming, pathological liar. The fact that he has some siddhis (my personal experience) combined with his phenomenal ability to manipulate people and his total lack of integrity and morality make him a very dangerous man. Numerous people have had their lives threatened by him and his cronies. His henchmen have been filing false cases against the few who've had the courage to stand up to them. Having to deal with these cases here in the U.S., these individuals are prevented from going to India to testify. While still a devoteee, I carefully educated myself on the facts in this case. The people who are trying to stop N know the sexual assualt and financial crimes he has committed and want to protect others from the same fate. Before I learned the truth about N, I believed I'd be spending the rest of my life working for him and his mission and was getting ready to take sannyas. So it is with a very heavy heart that I had to face the truth about him. BEWARE.

    1. You are full of shit if this happened why are you keeping yourself annonymous show yourself. Coward. I have been researching the SYSTEM for years and all this is a bag of bollocks so keep beleiving the media and tv and writings. Its about control pf the masses. Swamiji is getting tarnished because bullshiiting corrupt governments DO NOT want people waking up to what WE are capable of as human beings and they want to keep our third eye..The pineal gland calcified. Everyone that is lying and slating swamiji will get there karma . Lets face facts here you all hating because he is showing you all how the gods of the universe were black and none of you want to accept this. Go educate yourself properly instead of being a dumb sheep

    2. You sir, are the dumb sheep who is caught in his web, but I do not blame you... I for one was also caught and I am grateful to have been able to break free some time ago when I was warned about what is REALLY going on. He is a sleezbag who cannot keep his "impotent" dick in check. Did you know that in 2018 the court proved that he is in fact NOT impotent? And did you know that they then decided to claim it was consensual sex? He admitted to having consensual sex thinking he would get away with it, but the court ruled against him and put out non bail arrest warrants against him. Then what happened? He went into exile and lied through his teeth again to his devotees saying the so called "anti-hindu" forces tried to assassinate him and like the dumb sheep you are (and I was too) believed every word he said. Why? Because he is the avatar? Bullshit, no enlightened being will go to such lengths of lying and deceiving his devotees. He admitted to having consensual sex which means he lied to all his devotees from the start. There's a full court document to prove this and it was on the news. Follow this link if you do not believe me...
      I also know devotees who had first hand experiences of sexual misconduct with him. Men and woman...
      Snap out of it, don't you see you have been brain washed?
      I ask you this, why is all the emphasis around completion and power manifestation only and why is there no meditation practice? Use your brains and listen. Power manifestation is nothing more than a means to impress so you get caught in his web. And then you are continuously reminded to drop at his feet and complete which is nothing more than submitting and selling your soul to this rakshasa... by submitting and surrendering yourself at his feet all you are doing is giving your power away. He does not put any emphasis on meditation and I even heard him slag it off on several occasions... now I understand why. Because when you meditate you connect with inner guru, the REAL guru where your ACTUAL power lies. He doesn't want you to do that because your higher self will reveal the truth to you that he is a lying, cheating, rapist bastard who very cleverly fools many into giving their life savings away and those who end up living in one of his cult adheenams end up paying with their lives. The anonymous who commented above is telling the truth just like I am now. I experienced the mind control and brainwashing first hand of which sleep deprivation is one of the key factors in keeping you in a daze... not to mention all the reports of gurukul kids getting beatings as well. Yes, all this shit has happened and is still happening. And btw its not being coward to comment as anonymous, its clever. This asshole is known to go after those who oppose him. Remember what I said, completion is nothing more than selling your soul to the devil that is Nithy... wake the fuck up.

  6. I'm 3:17 a.m. above -- I want to add - how I educated myself about the facts in the N case had nothing to do with the media, but rather was based on first-hand reports from individuals who were physically, sexually, and mentally abused and/or were well aware of how N cooked the books to amass a personal fortune for himself, and/or those whose lives have been threatened. The poor ashramites who are still with N really seem to believe that it's all a media conspiracy, etc. I know many of these people and know that most of them are kind and sincere and really have no idea what's actually going on -- that's how cunning N and his selected inner circle of henchswamis are. I know some who THINK they're in the inner circle, but in fact, are not and are still under the delusion that the case against N is a conspiracy. All a testament to the ability of N to manipulate people's minds. It's a very, very sad situation.

  7. Nithyananda claims that the eN-Kriya technique was given to him by the great yogi masters. I evaluated the technique and determined it to be superior to all others, so I practice it and recommend it. Whether Nithyananda is a good or bad person is irrelevant to me, and I know a lot of people have a hard time understanding that.

    Neale Donald Walsch claims God spoke to him and gave him teachings to document. I evaluated those teachings to be superior and as such recommend them, but many question Neale's character, but that is irrelevant to me.

    Vladimir Megre is the same thing, and the teachings he has documented from a woman named Anastasia are superior in my evaluation, but many claim he made her up, just like Neale made up his conversation with God, and Nithyananda made up eN-Kriya.

    So because I have evaluated these teachings to be superior to all others, I ask myself, why have such divine sources, used such obviously questionable individuals to deliver their teachings? I can only assume it must be a test of some sort, such that only those that can see past the deliverer of the teachings to their true source will benefit from them.

  8. Utilizing a teaching that you find to be beneficial -- and even, in some cases, 'superior' -- is just that. If a technique works for you, why not practice it? It's an entirely different matter to follow and worship these scoundrels, and that is what I'm warning people about.

    Nithyananda can be very, very charming and engaging and has a masterful ability to manipulate and suck people in, take bundles of their $, and demand worship of himself as a so-called avatar. That is how he still has followers, that is how he got away with sexual assaults and millions of dollas for so many years. That is the basis of BEWARE.

    And, unfortunately, many of N's techniques are focused on 'having experiences' and acquiring siddhis, rather than on expanding one's consciousness and love. It depends on what your beliefs and values are. Are we here just to entertain ourselves --whether thru spiritual and/or material experiences -- or are we here to serve by expanding our consciousness and helping to create a world where everyone has that opportunity?

    Perhaps the 'test' is also how well we stand up to those who exploit and cheat. It is not our perogative to excuse those who bring harm to others and damage their sincere hearts in attempting to follow a spiritual path.

  9. I do not excuse those who bring harm to others, but what is the correct way to help them?

    I believe we are all one being. Nithyananda is me and I am him. If he is causing people pain, I know it is because he is in pain himself. For me to inflict further pain on him in retaliation leads to a downward spiral of destruction.

    For people who have caused me pain in my life, I use en-Kriya step 7 to send them my love to help heal their pain, because I love them and nothing they do can change that. I love N and I love you too.

  10. He is in jail now!
    I do not know the truth, his teachings sound true but not his actions. Time and again these things have happened. Swami Muktananda was cought in one such scandal though he was incapable of an erection and coitus. There is tantric sex technique in scriptures which is used to transfer energy from guru to the disciple, yes but not the kind that surfaced in nityanada's sex video.

  11. If you understand US, you know for sure handsome and highly educated guys like Vinay will have no shortage of beautiful single girls.. There is no reason for guys like Vinay to molest children.. If anyone has few active brain cells then will not disregard this fact.. Look at Vinay’s record guys… it is very obvious, Vinay is a very disciplined and spiritual guy. Poor guy only mistake he made is he trusted Nithyanadha and accepted him as Guru/God…Truth will prevail.. It is matter of time.
    can forgive Nithyanada for his sexual weakness and indulging short term pleasures.. can not forgive him for his criminal conduct of taking revenge of honest people who brought the truth to the world.. Truth will prevail. Hey Nithi..don’t think you can get away with this…

  12. I've been to his ashram. No such activity has taken place. I have also seen him work for 20 hour days, as mentioned earlier, he really does not have time for such idiotic stuff. Moreover he is not about this at all. All the people talking crap about him are all brainwashed by the media mafia. I've been cured of a rare disease I had for ten years, which doctors would say is impossible. Others have been healed of cancer and leukemia as well as depression, insomnia, and other mood disorders. Because of the services he provides for humanity people like myself are incredibly grateful to him and gladly shower him with all sorts of presents or money in gratitude. Mere media people and lay persons who believe the media and those who had some bad experience with a swami all take ill of all sages. Some are not good yes, but not everyone. People need to learn to make up their own minds rather than follow what the media or family says everytime. The media has biases, and doesn't tell the truth. I studied journalism, I know this for a fact! Swamiji is NOT a rapist, he IS a guru. He is able to perform miraculous healing, he is able to begin a meditation on people who can eat nothing but liquid diets, he has had a devotee vomit crystals, pearls, etc. People have massive shaktipat. Most people are so ignorant that such things can happen, simply say this is fantasy. I'm sorry, what do you know about this? Ya, that's what I thought. Attend a program of yourself, have your wife come over as well. If something bad happens to your wife, THEN YES there is a problem. If you see the things that I've stated, that's your answer. Closed mind will do NOTHING for any of you.

    1. All what you said you had seen is to impress people by showing off supernatural abilities, not much to do with True Spirituality. no True Master will do it or charge tens of thousand of dollars for programs, advertise himself and sell hundreds of gadgets. Also not being able to face the critics, contradicting what was said before, avoiding law, influencing others behind the scene does not fit the image created. He is extremely powerful but that energy may not necessarily come from Light, too many fanatics have been created, too many people living in hypnotic state for this to be pure and healthy. Supernatural and healing abilities prove nothing, unfulfilled promises should be a warning sign, no one can take the journey for us, we have to resolve our Karma and reach the Absolute by our own effort.

    2. Do you get value for money?
      Are you saying the energy is from darkness?
      Ultimately you choose your own path, the master carries on with or without you.

  13. Its unfortunate that so many swamis and spiritual leaders are involved with scandals.

    I have visited Nithyananda Dhyanapeetham and the place is run in pristine condition. The people surrounding Swamiji are of a very high mental state and commitment. Swami Nithyananda is hard to know. However what he is doing is raising the frequency of people and the earth in a very quick and positive fashion.
    People have told me of healing miracles and other miracles.

    His scandal is also dying down. But new ones emerge. It should also be considered that his enemies have something to gain. They could gain from control of ashram assets.

    People should realize that a spiritual person who is fast moving is not understood at the time that they are active. Its best we say we do not know.

    Prabhupada, Swami Muktananda, Rajneesh, Swamiji and others have been vilified. Are we getting more from them or are we happy to continue without them. If we are serious then we should analyze and see that we have a lot more to gain from them.

    May the vedic tradition and other Hindu traditions be upheld and promoted for the good of the world.

    I have been in yoga for over 30 years and it is my considered opinion that the media has picked on the wrong guy in the form of Swami Nithyananda. He is an incarnation. He will be raising the frequency of this planet in spite of his enemies. Already the media has had to apologize.

    Ultimately we have to live our lives to the best of our ability.
    So we should give ourselves the best.

    With best wishes.

  14. Too often we are taught how to make a living, we are seldom taught how to live a life!

  15. Please understand that at this time on the planet earth there are very few people that can give Shaktipath, Guru energy by thought, word, touch or intent(sankalpa). Swamiji is one of them and is very strong and powerful. He is a super sweet and benign personality, with the intent to help humanity.
    Those that talk ill of him do so at great cost to themselves.
    Those that listen blindly to the media, miss out on a fantastic opportunity to help themselves advance spiritually. At this critical juncture when mother earth-Gaia is moving from 3rd to 5tth dimension its important for the spiritually minded to advance quickly and positively. Swamiji is able to rapidly and positively advance people spiritually, even at a distance. He is an avtar. However we have to do our bit by having faith without which nothing much happens. Its time people see for themseves and trust their heart.
    Swamiji is very warm and inspiring. The entire atmosphere around him is calm serene and full of warmth and love. I saw no one in the ashram in a state of fear. Everyone was full of joy, and love. There was no hint of anything negative at all!
    If we are to advance we must honor saints and not malign them needlessly.
    With regards for the welfare of all.