Friday, July 1, 2011

New Avatar on the Block

Around two weeks ago one of my YouTube subscribers introduced me to Paramahamsa Nithyananda and his new yogic teaching called eN-Kriya which he announced to the world on January 29th, 2011.

In three YouTube videos (first is above), Nithyananda covers eN-Kriya in enough detail such that anyone can start practicing. I have been practicing it from the time it was introduced to me (about two weeks ago) and have not been this impressed with a practice since Satyananda's 20 Kundalini Kriyas. In fact, it even has many advantages over the Kundalini Kriyas which I'll describe in detail in subsequent posts.

In this post, I'll summarize the key points in this first video as means of introduction to Nithyananda and eN-Kriya. The video starts with Nithyananda welcoming everyone with his love and respect (1:00). He then invokes the presence of all the great masters and offers his respect to them as well (3:00). He discusses some of the benefits of eN-Kriya starting with the usual ones of health and well being, as the pranic level rises in your system (6:30). He discusses the research and development that was done for eN-Kriya prior to this public launch (7:30). He mentions the scientific results achieved by his trial participants (9:30). He gives full credit to the great masters for discovering the technique and says his only role was to test it out and deliver it to the world (10:20).

It was at the 12:30 mark when my ears really perked up at his mention of Swami Satyananda Saraswati. He then goes on to discuss the underlying workings of eN-Kriya which involves balancing the 5 breathing moments: prana, apana, vyana, udana, and samana (13:30). He describes them as inhaling (one), holding the breath in (two), the prana separating from the air and spreading throughout the body (three), exhaling (four), and cleaning (five) (16:00). He says when these 5 pranas are balanced you live a healthy life, and when they are awakened, you live an enlightened life, and when they are out of balance you experience disorders (18:00).

I would also like to add some additional detail regarding these 5 pranic energies and their role in the body-mind-spirit complex (system). I provide a general description of the energy action along with specific examples for ease of understanding. Prana is the intake of energy into the system (eating food, inhaling air). Samana is the processing of that energy by the system (digesting food, extracting oxygen). Vyana is the distribution of that energy throughout the system (blood circulation). Udana is the use or release of that energy by the system (actions, words). Apana is the elimination of waste energy from the system (bowel movement, exhaling carbon dioxide).

Nithyananda says he hopes to one day prove to the world that all diseases can be cured (19:00). He says eN-Kriya will even free you from the birth-death cycle itself (20:00). He mentions Mahavatar Babaji and the anti-aging effect of Kriya yoga (22:30). He says he has condensed eN-Kriya such that it will take only 42 minutes to complete (26:00). Later, he again mentions Mahavatar Babaji and gives him credit for keeping Kriya yoga alive on Earth (30:50). He talks about techniques coming soon, like eN-Yoga which will be 54 postures, eN-Mudra and eN-Dhyana (32:00). He concludes by taking about yet another result of these techniques which he calls the eN-Effect. That is the reduction in crime rate, wars and natural calamities (34:00). This is something not usually part of yogic practice but often practiced in the new age community, and eN-Kriya incorporates these aspects of new age meditation as well which I find quite exciting.

The next two videos (and my next two posts) will focus on the specific details of the eN-Kriya technique.

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