Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Impending Medical Crisis

In this post, the Founders describe the likely scenario for those that choose to remain in 3D during the Earth Changes. So while 3D humans can escape natural disasters and protect themselves from a collapsing economy, they will have a very hard time when it comes to illness. The secret to avoiding illness is to have a strong immune system, and the secret to a strong 4D immune system is having a daily spiritual practice like eN-Kriya. For those with a 3D immune system, here is what the Founders say to expect.

Between 75 and 80 percent of the souls on your world will likely not choose to make the shift with Mother Earth into fourth density. Not all of them will simply go to sleep and not wake up. Most of them still believe they want to survive. Their survival mechanism will kick in and attempt to keep their bodies functioning, even though their souls are putting pressure on them to wrap up the affairs of this lifetime and move to another world.

The result of this battle between the body and soul (really between the body and mind, since the soul does not do battle) will be a lot of people getting sick and becoming dependent on the medical system for their care. In strictly 3D terms, this will manifest as an increased rate of allergies, chemical reactions, debilitating viruses, sensitivities to bacteria, molds, fungi, and other "environmental illnesses," as well as long-term cancers, heart and lung conditions. So-called "exotic bugs" will surface, which are really just hybrid viruses and bacteria that are able to penetrate the weakening immune system of humans.

There are, of course, some biological warfare agents on the loose, but as we have discussed previously, the more serious of these will not be allowed to proliferate beyond a certain point. The vast majority of the illnesses will be due to the soul's desire to exit this planet as the changes become more pronounced.

As more and more people get sick and die, a tremendous burden will be put on the medical care systems of your world. Hospitals will be full and overflowing. In countries that do not have government-subsidized medical care, thousands of people will be unable to pay their medical bills, which will create further defaults within the credit system. In countries where the government subsidizes medical care, the balance sheets of those governments will sag significantly.

In some countries, dead bodies will pile up in the streets and along rivers, which will contribute to the rise in contagious diseases, so it will become a downward spiral of decay. The rapidly increasing number of sick will immobilize some businesses and government agencies, as there will be a shortage of qualified people available to perform daily tasks.


  1. i never read anywhere on books of sal rachel this
    where is it from?

    1. See "Earth Changes and 2012: Messages from the Founders" by Sal Rachele. This excerpt is from page 260.