Sunday, February 1, 2015

Vishwa Amara on 2015

Back in 2010 I posted material from numerous channeled sources, but over time many proved to be very unreliable. On the contrary, the Sapta Rishis (channeled at Vishwa Amara) have been better than most. In 2010 they indicated that nothing significant would happen in 2012 because the major events had been postponed to 2015. Well, 2015 has started and they have confirmed in their January 2015 post that a major crisis will hit by the end of the year. Below is an excerpt.

The New batch of Rishis and the Saptarishis have made many plans for the year ahead. Instead of having two large phases like the last year, they want to divide the year into five phases, each of about two to three months. Each phase would have a certain objective.

In the first phase, the Earth will experience the intensity of the Pralaya energies. The aim of this phase is to help every individual see the merit in choosing righteousness. The more we adopt Light, love and peace into our lives, and outgrow anger, bitterness and pessimism, the easier it will be to sail through. Those who resist will be the ones to face more difficulties. Our humility and surrender to God are essential.

The second phase will be a little relaxed. It will help every individual to assimilate the changes and strengthen their progress. During this phase, many new energies will be anchored on our Earth.

During the third phase, experimentation on freewill will be conducted by the Higher Intelligence. It will be easier to embrace the positive changes and adopt Light. We can also witness many changes all over the Earth. This phase is an important preparatory phase towards the Light Age.

In the fourth phase is when the battles between the Light and the dark will be at their peak. At the global level, the Individuals who spoil the lives of others, corrupt businesses and falsity will be exposed. This battle will also occur within each individual. At each juncture, we have to choose, let go of the unwanted, embrace Light and move on.

The last phase would be chaotic. There will be panic, confusion and a struggle for survival. For those who are connected to Light and have their basics in place, it should be a smooth phase. The Rishis expect Lord Kalki, to begin his work at the physical level during this period.

These are roughly the way the Rishis want to carry out their work during this year. But there will naturally be revisions and improvements based on their observations of how humanity responds to their initiatives.

So while they don't predict what form the crisis will take, Sal and the Founders provide all the details. In this first post they indicate that the $US and all global currencies will lose most of their value, while in this second post they provide instructions for how to prepare for it. Even some financial analysts agree that the world is poised for a Global Currency Crisis and to buy gold in preparation.