Saturday, December 22, 2012

Prediction Failed, What Now?

The long awaited day of December 21, 2012 has now come and gone . . . and nothing of any significance happened. The EM field weakness predicted by the Founders for that day did not materialize.

At the end of each Precessional Cycle, the Earth and the solar system pass through what is called a region of scalar electromagnetic impulses, or an area of space in which the EM field polarities become weaker. This weakness in the EM fields sometimes (but not usually) causes the north and south poles of the Earth to reverse polarity.

The geomagnetic field plot for December 21st was the same as any other day with no difference in field strength seen. It is unfortunate that this prediction failed to materialize, but no doubt part of the overall plan for humanity. It is also important to note that the trends described by the Founders are certainly present (i.e. financial crisis, climate crisis, energy crisis, etc.), and many of the other things they mention may still be true, but we won't know with any certainty until we actually experience them.

So what now? The only reason I was waiting for December 21, 2012 was to know who I should consider including in my plan to build an ecovillage. So now that nothing has happened to change anyone's beliefs, I will only seek out those that are already predisposed to the idea of living in an ecovillage. So if you live in the Ottawa, Canada area and are interested in participating in my ecovillage project, please email me at and we can discuss. Here's an overview of my ecovillage vision.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Precessional Alignment (part 5)

This is the fifth and final post in a series of posts that discuss the precessional alignment of December 21, 2012 in detail. The Founders cover this topic in chapter 7 of the book "Earth Changes and 2012: Messages From the Founders". Here are their concluding remarks.

The period of time representing the exact alignment (the ending and beginning of Precessional Cycles) is about three days duration in Earth time. The exact midpoint of the next precessional alignment is around 23:00 GMT on December 21, 2012. For about 36 hours before and after this time, the energies of the alignment will be at maximum and the portals opened around the Earth will be causing major shifts in souls. Please remember, beloved Creators, that the actual rotation of the Earth will not change significantly. The sun will still rise in the east and set in the west, and the days and nights will still be roughly the same length as always. This is an electromagnetic phenomenon, not a gravitational or rotational one.

Now to rephrase all this in metaphysical terms, we could say that each Precessional Cycle and Galactic Cycle (precession of the axis and revolution of the solar system around the Milky Way) represent lesson points in a soul's evolution. Every time the precession aligns the Earth with the galactic core, it correlates with another level of soul initiation, or an opportunity to review what the soul has learned since the last cycle. Since everything in this universe operates in spirals, the scenario will change each time the Earth cycles through. So with the approach of the end of the present Precessional Cycle, slated to occur in your year 2012, souls will again have an opportunity to align themselves with the energies of the galactic center. EM energies will surge through the core of the Earth and be distributed first along the ley lines and then across the entire surface of the planet, and souls will have another chance to realign themselves and take stock of what they have learned since the last alignment.

The region of space through which the solar system passes changes with each Precessional Cycle. The particular energy fluctuations associated with this current pass-through are significant in that they mark a similar alignment to what was present about 108 million years ago when the first major wave of individualization began with souls moving out of the Godhead. Therefore, it will seem to many that they are returning home, when in fact, they are simply re-experiencing what occurred about 108 million years ago, but on a different leg of the spiral. In actuality, your souls are already home and always have been, even though many aspects of your souls have been journeying among the cosmos since the differentiation from the Godhead.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Monitoring the Geomagnetic Field

With only 8 days now remaining until December 21, 2012, I've begun to monitor the earth's geomagnetic field on a daily basis using the Space Weather Canada web site. The plot above represents the data for today. Note that the plot uses Universal Time (GMT), so today is already over, and that virtually no fluctuations can be seen. Click on the image to see the full resolution.

In my post "Validating December 21, 2012" from earlier this year, I had mentioned that I expect the fluctuations seen on December 21st to greatly exceed those of March 13, 1989 when the last major geomagnetic storm occurred near Ottawa. This remains my criteria for deciding whether the Founders' prediction for December 21st has been validated or not.

Since it is also possible that the internet goes down on that day making it impossible to access the Space Weather Canada web site, I also have a backup plan. This includes using the Android app Ulysse Gizmos, as well as a regular orienteering compass as seen in the image below.

However, I've discovered that these sources are easily influenced by computers, TVs, power lines and any other electromagnetic source they are near, so they are far less reliable than the Space Weather Canada data. So hopefully, the internet either stays up, or the Space Weather Canada data becomes available once internet connectivity is restored.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Mahabharata (book 5.CLXXVI)

When Amba arrived at Salya's palace she was ushered into the same room where she and her sisters had first met the handsome king. However, today when Salya entered the room, he was limping in obvious pain with bandages at various points along his arms and legs. His expression was sour as well when he asked, "What are you doing here?"

Amba rose and rushed to him while saying, "I've come to be with you my Lord."

Salya put up his hand to stop her advance, "You are to be wedded to Vichitravirya are you not?"

"I refused him so I could be with you . . . for I love you."

Salya laughed cruelly in response, "When you were abducted by Bhishma you seemed to go with him quite cheerfully as far as I could tell."

"That is not true", flustered Amba as she began to realize her plan to marry Salya was falling apart. "I was weeping the whole time, and only thinking of you. It is only by convincing Bhishma of my love for you that he has allowed me to come. Please accept me."

Salya shook his head, "How can I accept someone who has been promised to another? Not only that, but forcibly abducted to wed another. You belong to Bhishma now." Recalling his defeat, Salya's expression turned to rage, "Bhishma humiliated me in battle and when I look at you now all I remember is that humiliation. Be gone!"

Salya turned and left leaving Amba alone. Once again Amba realized the reality of her situation. No king would marry someone promised to another. She had no choice but to return to Hastinapura and marry Vichitravirya, but somehow that thought was just revolting. It was really Bhishma that she wanted to marry. Salya was right though, that since it was Bhishma that abducted her, then it is Bhishma that is now responsible for her. It is his duty to accept her as his wife.

With this new line of reasoning firmly in her mind, Amba returned to Hastinapura. After once again gaining a private audience with Bhishma at the palace, she began, "Salya informed me that after having been abducted by you that I am now your responsibility. You are my protector."

Bhishma replied, "This is true. Then you will marry Vichitravirya after all?"

Before Amba could answer, there was a knock at the door and an attendant entered the room, "I deeply sorry to interrupt my liege, but king Vichitravirya has passed away."

"What!?!" exclaimed Bhishma as both he and Amba turned to the attendant with startled expressions.

The attendant continued, "It seems the exertions of married life were too much for him. He has succumbed to his phthisis."

Bhishma regained his composure and replied, "Tell queen Satyavati I'll be there shortly."

"Yes, my liege," replied the attendant, as he left closing the door behind him.

Amba turned to Bhishma and said, "I am sorry for your loss."

After a short pause, she continued, "As the only remaining heir to the throne it seems you have no choice now but to assume your rightful role as king of Hastinapura."

Amba waited with anticipation for Bhishma's response as she felt certain her deepest desire was soon to be fulfilled.

Bhishma looked into Amba's eyes and this time allowed them to penetrate his soul. He then knew she was his destiny. In another life he would have been king and she his queen. In another life, they would have been incredibly happy together and raised many children; grown old together and watched their children and the kingdom prosper. In another life . . . but not this life.

After a lengthy pause, Bhishma then replied, "I have made a vow to never assume the throne for myself, and I intend to maintain that vow until the day I die."

Amba couldn't believe his answer. She was certain his lengthy gaze into her eyes was one of true love. Perhaps he just needs a nudge to reach the right conclusion, so she replied, "but surely queen Satyavati's father will no longer hold you to that vow given that his heirs have all died."

"It doesn't matter. Once a vow has been taken it must be kept, regardless of the circumstances."

Amba was now beginning to get angry over Bhishma's stubbornness. "Would you see the kingdom destroyed with no king to rule it?"

"If it came to that, yes, but I believe there are still other alternatives by which an heir may be produced."

Amba's anger was now growing. "What about your responsibility to me then? How will you fulfil that responsibility now that king Vichitravirya is dead?"

Bhishma thought for a moment, then replied, "I cannot."

Amba continued, "Failing to fulfil your responsibilities to me is a sin equal to or even greater than breaking your vow. So why not choose the path aligned with the destiny of a kshatriya?"

"I am sorry, but my vow takes precedence as I made it with full knowledge of the outcome. Your situation, though it grieves me, is an accident beyond my control."

Amba was now furious. "Heed my words! You will be destroyed for committing this grave sin against me." She turned and stormed out of the palace, but soon began weeping uncontrollably. Climbing into her chariot, she left Hastinapura as quickly as possible with no particular destination in mind.


1. Derived from: Udyoga Parva, Section CLXXVI, p. 336-337.

2. Vichitravirya's death: Adi Parva, Section CII, p. 222.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I Am Ramtha (chapter 2)

In this post from chapter 2 of "Ramtha: The White Book", Ramtha presents his own life story.

I am Ramtha, the Ram. In the ancient language of my times it means "the God." I am the great Ram of the Hindu people, for I was the first man born of the womb of woman and the loins of man who ever ascended from this plane.

The only "great Ram of the Hindu people" that I was aware of was Ram from the Hindu epic the Ramayana. However, upon reading further it became clear that Ram, the prince of Ayodhya, bore no resemblance to Ramtha the pauper.

I did not blame the Unknown God for his inability to love me. I did not blame him for not loving my people. I did not blame him for the death of my mother and my little sister. I did not blame him; I hated him.

I had no one left, for my brother was kidnapped by a satrap and taken into subserviency into the land that would later be called Persia. There he was abused for the pleasure of the satrap and his need for what is called loin gratification.

I was a lad of fourteen with no meat upon my bones and a great bitterness inside me. So I decided to do battle with the Unknown God of my forefathers, the only thing I felt worthy of dying by. I was determined to die, but as an honorable man. And I felt that dying at the hands of man was a dishonorable way to perish.

I saw a great mountain, a very mysterious place that loomed on the distant horizon. I thought that if there were a God, he would live there, above us all, just as those who governed our land lived above us. If I could climb there, I thought, I would get in touch with the Unknown God and proclaim my hatred for him at his unfairness to humanity.

I left my hovel and journeyed for many days to reach this great mountain, devouring locusts and ants and roots along the way. When I reached the mount I climbed into the clouds, which now veiled its whitened peak, in order to do battle with the Unknown God. I called out to him, "I am a man. Why have I not the dignity of one?" And I demanded that he show me his face, but he ignored me.

I fell upon my haunches and wept heartily, until the whiteness iced itself from my tears. When I looked up, I beheld what seemed to be a wondrous woman holding a great sword before me. She spoke to me saying, "0 Ram, 0 Ram, you who are broken in Spirit, your prayers have been heard. Take this sword and conquer yourself." And in but a blink of my eye she was gone.

Conquer myself? I could not turn the blade around and hack off my own head; my arms would not reach the hilt of the sword. Yet I found honor in this great sword. No longer did I shiver against the great cold but found warmth instead. And when I looked again where my tears had fallen, there grew a flower of such sweet aroma and color that I knew the flower was of hope.

I came down from the mountain with the great sword in my hand, a day which was recorded in the history of the Hindu people as the terrible day of the Ram. A boy had gone to that mountain, but a man returned. No longer frail or weak of bodily movement, I was a Ram in every sense of the word. I was a young man with a terrible light about me and a sword that was larger than I was. Sometimes I think I was very slow to understand in that existence, for I never fully realized why the wondrous sword was so light that I could carry it, yet it was so large that nine hands together could hold the hilt of it.

I returned from the mountain to the city of Onai. In the fields outside the city I saw an old woman stand up and shade her eyes to look at me a'coming. Soon all stopped their labors. Carts stopped. Donkeys squealed. Everything became quiet. When the people ran up to look upon my countenance, they must have been persuaded because everyone of them took up his meager tool and followed me into the city.

We destroyed Onai because the Atlatians spat in my eye when I demanded they open the granaries to feed our people. So unprepared were the Atlatians for this that they were easily overtaken, for they did not know of battle.

I opened the granaries to our poor people, and then we burned Onai to the ground. It never occurred to me that I couldn't do that, for I did not care if I lived or died at that point; I had nothing left to live for.

When the slaughter and burning were finished, a great hurt was still within my being, for my hatred had not been satisfied. So I ran from the people to hide in the hills, but they followed me in spite of all my cursing and throwing stones and spitting at them.

"Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram," they chanted, carrying their tools of the field and grain tied in linens, and herding sheep and goats before them. I shouted at the people to leave me alone and go home. But still they came, for they no longer had a home. I was their home.

Ramtha goes on to describe how he eventually conquered three-quarters of the known world. That is certainly significant, but if he isn't Ram of the Ramayana, then who is he? I know there are 10 avatars (Dashavatara) that are talked about in the scriptures, and upon looking through the list I discovered another Ram: Parashurama which translates to "Ram with the Axe" and sure enough, after performing a penance to receive his axe/sword, Ram went on a rampage and killed every Kshatriya on earth thereby conquering the known world.

Parashurama is also one of the seven immortals (Chiranjivi) who will remain on earth during the entire Kali Yuga until Satya Yuga begins (in 2030).