Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Founders on the 5D Timeline

This post continues from my last post where the 4D timeline was covered. In this post I present what the Founders have to say about the 5D timeline.

Those that are able to move completely into fifth density will experience the fifth dimensional version of Earth. Like yourselves, Earth is a multidimensional being of light manifesting as a planet rather than a humanoid or star. Her dominant frequency will move from third to fourth density, and so those of you who go through ascension will essentially be fifth density beings living on a fourth density world, or shall we say fifth density beings living in the fourth dimension. You will also have the ability to experience the fifth dimensional version of Earth simultaneously.

Again, we apologize for the limited scope of your language, as this is not the most ideal way to describe this. As fifth density beings living in the fourth dimension of time/space, you will have certain advantages over the fourth density beings living in the fourth dimension. While they will still grow old and die, reincarnating over and over as fourth density beings until they ascend off the wheel of reincarnation, you will be in your immortal crystalline light bodies. For a while, you will still be visible to fourth density humans, but eventually you will increase your frequency sufficiently to become invisible even to fourth density. Only the clairvoyant and telepathic members of the "golden age" will be able to interact with you at that point.

As fifth density teachers and wayshowers, you will guide and instruct the leaders of the fourth density world in the ways of spirit, love and compassion. You will also interface with the enlightened ETs that will come and go openly from the Earth plane. Many of the ETs currently assisting Earth are already vibrating at fourth and fifth densities and it will become very easy for them to interact with humans on Earth after the shift. The number of souls likely to choose the fifth density timeline are between 10 million and 30 million.

So here we finally have mention of ETs, and contact with them appears to be primarily for those in 5D, but after the shift it may include those in 4D as well. The key point being that open contact will likely not take place with those that choose to remain in 3D.

Out of 6.8 billion people on Earth only 10-30 million will ascend to 5D. That is a mere 0.4% and there is just 18 months left to prepare for and be part of the first wave. The key, as I have repeated innumerable times, is to have a disciplined daily spiritual practice. For me, that is Kriya Yoga (see Label "yoga" in the right column), but you may prefer Inelia Benz's Spiritual Ascension 101 Course, or any other equivalent practice. Find a practice and start practicing today!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Founders on the 4D Timeline

This post continues from my last post where the 3D timeline was covered. In this post I present what the Founders have to say about the 4D timeline.

Those that are able to withstand the frequency change, but are not able to go completely through the stargate into the fifth dimension, will find themselves in the fourth dimension, which is the dimension of thought and time. To a fourth density being living in a fourth dimensional time/space continuum, life seems quite similar to third density except that such souls are aware that they are conscious creators and that consciousness creates their experience of reality.

They learn to create from the center of their being outward, and the world they see is an enlightened paradise that reflects their higher state of consciousness. This is the "golden age" spoken of by many of your prophets.

Fourth density humans remaining with the Earth will create intentional self-sufficient spiritual communities of light in the safe places on Earth, where they will flourish and thrive. They will create what the Hopi call the "fifth world." (Pangaea is the first, Lemuria the second, Atlantis the third and the rapidly declining present civilization the fourth world.) The number of souls choosing the fourth density path will likely be between one and two billion.

The Founders don't say much about those following the 4D timeline, except that they will "create intentional self-sufficient spiritual communities." This sounds a lot like an EcoVillage to me. To find one near you, check out the FIC Directory. If you've read my blog from the beginning, you'll also know that my favorite source for spiritual guidance on self-sufficient living is Anastasia (see Label "anastasia" in the right column). Here is my introductory post on Anastasia to get you started.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Founders on the 3D Timeline

This post assumes you have read my previous post where the Founders introduce the concept of timelines. My next three posts will cover the three dominant timelines (3D, 4D, 5D) that everyone will choose among as the basis for their own experience. This post will cover what the Founders have to say about the 3D timeline.

Third density consciousness, which could be called the "business as usual" path, where souls on Earth try to pretend that everything is just as it has been and that there is no need to really change, grow or evolve. In fact, even the most basic and traditional of your 3D scientists can see that this is a formula for disaster and destruction if this path is chosen, for your fossil fuels will eventually run out and your skies will continue to increase their carbon dioxide content to the point where you will become somewhat like the planet Venus, though not nearly as hot or poisonous. Therefore, it is only those souls that absolutely refuse to grow and evolve and that continue to pretend they will not have to change that will likely lose their bodies. And those are, unfortunately, about three-fourths to four-fifths of your human population.

You must understand that the majority of those who will be exiting over the next, shall we say 25 years, will be those who are currently having very difficult lives in physical bodies. Perhaps children who are on the brink of starvation in certain countries will be among those who elect to go, as well as many of those who have become disillusioned but do not see a way of embracing a higher truth. They will create some way of leaving your Earth.

Now some of the souls who leave the Earth over the next 25 years will likely exit through illness and disease, warfare, starvation, or being in the path of tsunamis, earthquakes, floods and other climatic disasters. That will likely occur in various stages throughout the next 25 or 30 years of your Earth timeline.

This is not to say that there will be no souls occupying the 3D Earth after about 2030. It is possible that some 3D souls will remain, but the numbers will be a tiny fraction of what they are at present. These will be souls who are dedicated to moving into fourth density and have soul agreements allowing them to remain on the Earth until they make the transition into fourth density. They are the exception, rather than the rule.

Your present population (as of early 2007) is about 6.8 billion. We estimate your population after the year 2030 will be approximately 1.5 billion. Almost all souls remaining on Earth will be vibrating at fourth density. Most of those 3D souls that exit will take up residence on other planets that are more suitable to their level of vibration. Those that remain will move into the fourth density human form. The number of souls choosing the third density path will likely be between four and five billion.

In a previous post, I mentioned the possibility of an ET mass landing that would allow many more people in 3D to rise up to 4D and remain with the Earth through the shift. However, I've since realized that all of those sources have made false statements, which by simple logic means they do not know the truth. Of course, an ET mass landing may still happen, but I no longer think it is likely.

Given this change in thinking, I will be posting more of the Founders predictions which do not include ET contact in the 3D timeline. My next post will be on the 4D timeline.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Inelia Benz on Ascension

Inelia Benz has created perhaps the best Ascension blog on the internet. Similar to my blog where it is almost entirely information (rather than news), so it's best to start reading from her first published post. Here is one of her early posts to get you started: What does the process of Ascension involve?

This very much depends on where you are starting from.

Sometimes the journey is easier for someone who has not been on a spiritual or mystical path than those who have. The reason is that inevitably, those who are in a mystical path usually will have modalities they are attached to, might be seduced by things such as psychic abilities, channeling information, talking with angels as well as more earthly skills such as telepathy, the law of attraction and such.

If you are working through one of these aforementioned modalities, and have been able to help yourself and other persons with it, then for you Ascension will first involve realizing that all of the above are as real as the ground you stand on. The skills do not make you superior or inferior to anyone else on Earth, and that they are as useful as any other skill held by anyone on the planet.

The first step you must take, whether you are in a mystical/spiritual path or not, is to start working of the following:

Release of Fear.
Release of Attachement.
Release of Being Right.

Flow of Love.
Silence of Mind.
Acceptance of your essence.
Become as much You as you possibly can.

The first three, those things you release, you must do using whatever modality you find that fits you best.
The one that works for me is to go straight for the Flow of Love and Flow Love to it and myself.
This is done by closing your eyes and becoming aware of the space that is our Heart Chakra. The space in the middle of your chest, just behind the breast bone.

Depending of where you are, this will either bring up big emotional responses to eventually feeling divine love flowing into you and through you, bathing you in bliss and ecstasy.

Silence of Mind can be achieved with any meditation modality. The one I use is the simplest and, in my opinion, most effective method of feeling the air going in and out of my nose. This works whether one is in a quiet space or in the middle of a mall during Christmas shopping.

Acceptance of your essence. You are divine. You are divine love, divine wisdom and knowledge, divine experience and divine consciousness. This is who and what you are. Human words cannot express your true essence, but you will know when you feel it.

Become as much You as you possibly can. This means warts and all. By accepting yourself fully, as a human being and divine being, you will be able to live in the state of ascension where ecstasy is your primary and fundamental experience of living. You will know that everything that happens in your life is an experience to be experienced. You will know that loss is part of life, that negative feelings are simply messages to show you where you need to work a bit more and will know that everyone and everything around you is simply part of YOU.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Founders on Ascension

This post continues my summary of the Founders from their book: "Earth Changes and 2012: Messages From the Founders". This post assumes you have read all of my previous posts on the Founders (see Label "founders" in the right column), but most importantly, the post where Ascension was introduced. In this post I'll provide more details on Ascension as given by the Founders.

The process of Ascension is governed by the Ascension Master Template of DNA codes and keys that get triggered at a certain point in a soul's evolution. Free will determines how long it takes for a soul to reach the point of triggering the Ascension Template. If you are reading this, then you have likely already activated it or will activate it very shortly. The Founders emphasize meditation as the means to activate the Ascension Template and walk the reader through a guided meditation of all 12 chakras. They also state that continued meditation after the Ascension Template has been activated will accelerate the process and make it much easier, plus you will have a greater level of clarity regarding the ascension process itself.

In my opinion, there are a large number of spiritual practices available that will activate the Ascension Template, or in Yogic/Tantric terms, awaken the Kundalini. The Founders eventually make the following general statement:

The key to ascension involves balancing the spiritual and material planes and letting go of all judgment that says one path is better than another. Your God Presence within knows what path is right for you.

The Founders also describe the experiences one can expect after the Ascension Template activates and the individual's vibration begins to rise from 3D to 4D and eventually to 5D. One of the first things you will realize as you move towards 4D is that you are the creator of your own life experience. You start to be able to create the events and situations that occur in your life. You learn about karma, free will, soul contracts, the purpose of your incarnations and purpose in life. And as stated in a previous post, you begin to feel and express only love.

The journey from 4D to 5D is even more interesting and I'll quote the Founders directly for this part:

If you observe a soul moving from fourth into fifth density, at first you will notice that this soul becomes psychologically invisible to those who are living in lower third density vibrations, which means that you could conceivably walk in a dangerous part of your cities late at night even if you are in a female body and those who would normally wish to do harm to you will see you optically (you will register in their optic nerve), but they will have no psychological reference point for you.

So at the very least, someone who might be a rapist or murderer might see you walk by and realize that a human being has just walked by and then follow it up no further than that. It is called psychological invisibility. You are unlike each other and so the law of attraction keeps you apart.

The next step after psychological invisibility is actual physical invisibility to those who are in third density. This is what the Christians have referred to as the rapture. It is not a sudden event where people disappear in a puff of smoke and their clothes fall away from their bodies. Rather, it is a situation wherein you become more and more translucent and filled with light until your body essentially dissolves into pure light. You may at times appear to those who can see you as a glowing radiant person, much as in the depictions of the saints in your Renaissance paintings with halos around their heads.

When you reach a vibration of what you call 5.0, you become completely invisible to those who are vibrating below 3.5. There is about a 1.5 level optical spectrum in most densities, meaning that you can see and interact with souls who are up to one-and-a-half levels above or below you. If the difference is wider than that, it becomes very difficult to interact directly with other souls and that is why we in the higher realms must step our vibration down several times in order to communicate with you.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Work Out Your Own Happiness (book 3 chapter 10)

This chapter continues the story of Aniuta. Here, Vladimir does not believe that Anastasia's words could have made much difference to the little girl's life, but Alexander tells him otherwise.

"Well, Alexander, those are all theories of yours, assumptions. You still have to look at real life and see whether any destinies will change on account of a bunch of words or not. Anyway, what could possibly change in life for that little girl? Unless some sort of miracle happened."

"A miracle has happened. It turns out that all the miracles we need are within ourselves."

"What kind of miracle happened?"

"Little Aniuta's whole mind and life got reprogrammed. She broke all the bonds of karma for herself and those around her."

"What do you mean, 'broke'? How do you know this?"

"I know it. Some time afterward I went back to the village. I decided to offer Aniuta my radio receiver, since hers was too crackly, and set up an antenna for it on the roof. So I'm walking along to Aniuta's house and I notice that the boards on the wooden sidewalk have been fixed. Before they were quite decayed, and now all the rotting boards had been replaced with new ones. Wow, I thought, what's all this renovation going on here? I saw Aniuta's granddad sitting on the porch, washing his boots in a pail of water. I said hello to him, and explained why I'd come.

"'Well, fine!' said the grandfather. 'Come on in, if you like. Only you'll have to take off those shoes of yours. You see, we've got new rules around the place.'

"I took off my shoes on the porch and accompanied the grandfather into the hut. Everything was simple inside, as you'd expect in a small village, only extremely clean and cozy.

"'You see, our granddaughter's got this new order set up for us,' the grandfather told me. 'She worked at it for a long time. She cleaned the floor, and then washed everything spic and span. She was at it from morning 'til night for over a week, like a wound-up spring. She would have a rest and then start cleaning again. She persuaded me to paint the walls a fresh coat of white.

"'And now when I come into the hut with my boots on and leave tracks, right away she gets out a rag and starts cleaning away the tracks. So, I guess, it's better not to leave any tracks. We don't have any slippers. Instead of slippers she adapted some old galoshes. Here, you can put these on. Make yourself comfortable.'

"I sat down at the table. It was covered with an old, but clean tablecloth. The cloth was torn in one place, and the tear was patched, as neatly as a child's hand could make it, with a piece of coloured cloth cut in the shape of a bunny-rabbit. In the middle of the table stood a cut-glass tumbler, out of which corners cut from notepad sheets neatly protruded - instead of serviettes.

"'I see they've started improving your village, too,' I said to the grandfather. 'And it looks like the authorities have been paying attention, seeing they fixed the wooden sidewalks.'

"And he replied:

"'It's got nothing to do with the authorities. They don't pay any attention to us. It's my granddaughter, Aniuta. She just can't keep still.'

"'What do you mean, Aniuta? She's still a wee one, much too little to repair sidewalks. Those are heavy boards there.'

"'Heavy boards. Yeah. You see, one day I was about to set out hunting, and I asked a neighbour if she would look in on Aniuta. And Aniuta says to me, "Go on, Grandpa, go on about your business. Don't worry, I'll take care of everything myself. Just let me take a saw to that board that's standing against the wall in the barn."

"'I was surprised, but I thought: why not let the child play, if that's the way she likes to play. So I put the board on the wood-block, handed her a couple of saws and set off to do some hunting. Later my neighbour told me what happened while I was gone.

"'Aniuta pulled out the old rotten pieces of board from the sidewalk. She measured the hole with a string and began sawing the board I had given her according to the measurement. The neighbour says she spent half the day sawing the board, but she managed to do it somehow. Then she lugged the new board right up to the sidewalk and put it in the place of the rotten one.'

"'She's so thin and frail, how on earth could she have lugged such a heavy board?' I asked.

"'She found herself a helper. Back a couple of months ago she made friends with an orphaned dog, a Siberian laika (husky). An old lady died who lived at the other end of our village, leaving a large dog. Back at the funeral Aniuta kept stroking him. Then she started taking him something to eat. At first the laika wouldn't leave his own yard, even though there was nobody left living in the hut. The old lady had been living alone.

"'Aniuta fed the dog for several days. He started following the girl around, and now he never leaves her side. Now this old dog helps carry out whatever our granddaughter fancies. So he helped her lug the board over. Aniuta tied a string around one end and started in dragging it herself, when the huge dog grasped hold of the other end with his teeth, and between the two of them they managed to drag it to the sidewalk.

"'Then Aniuta asked a neighbour lady for some nails, and borrowed my hammer. And here she was trying to nail the board into place with the hammer. But nothing happened. The neighbour saw Aniuta sitting on the sidewalk, trying to hammer in the nail. She hit her hand in the process and blood started oozing out. The dog was sitting right beside her, watching and whimpering.

"'The neighbour came over, took the hammer and nailed the board in place. The next evening she saw Aniuta and the dog dragging another board over. Which meant there was another hole in the sidewalk to patch up.

"'The neighbour asked Aniuta if she were going to patch up all the holes this way - couldn't she think up some other little girl's thing to do? And my granddaughter replied:

"'"It's very important, Auntie, for all the sidewalks outside the houses to be new and free from holes. You see, otherwise someone might decide to come visiting, walking along the boards, and there's holes in them, and that would spoil the visitor's good mood. And my Mamochka, when she comes, might get upset if she saw such a shoddy sidewalk."

"'So the neighbour hammered down the second board for her. And then she raised a hue and cry throughout the village, shouting out to everyone: "Get busy fixing the sidewalks in front of your houses. I'm not going to let a child do drudgery on account of your disorderliness! She's working her hands to the bone!"

"'So, you can see, everyone's fixed up the sidewalk in front of their houses. So they wouldn't have to hear the neighbour lady rail at them any more.'

"'And where is your granddaughter now?' I asked the old fellow.

"'She's lugged a tin of paint over to the house at the far end. She'll probably spend the night there, with the old Losin couple. Yeah... She may spend the night there.'

"'What kind of paint, and what's it for?'

"'Just ordinary oil-based paint, bright orange. She got it from the steamship in exchange for fish. That's her latest fancy.'

"'And what kind of fancy might that be?'

"'She's decided that all the huts need freshening up. Need to look more cheerful. So when the ship comes - that's the ship that collects fish that's been caught around here, she goes and offers 'em a whole catch of fish in exchange for paint. And then she lugs the tin of paint to one of the huts. She asks them to paint the nalichniks (ornate window frames). And the old people start painting. Soon it'll be my turn. Whaddya know! I'll do the painting. Why not? Maybe it'll be better if the painting gets done, if the huts are going to look more cheerful on the outside.'

"'And where does she get the fish from?'

"'She catches them herself. Every morning she brings home two or three connies, sometimes more. If only once she'd come home empty-handed, but no, the fish just seem to land on her hooks all by themselves. And here I'm lying in bed with my back problems, and she says to me: get up. And keeps at me: "Get up, Grandpa! You've gotta salt the fish, so it doesn't go bad." Every morning it's the same,' the old fellow muttered, but with no trace of annoyance in his voice.

"So I asked him how Aniuta managed to cope with the fishing tackle - all by herself?

"'See, I told you,' he replied. 'Aniuta's got a helper - this Siberian laika. He may be old, but he's smart, and obedient. He helps her carry out all her fancies. Aniuta takes my throw-line with its five hooks, neatly arranges the bait on the hooks and goes down to her treasured spot on the riverbank every evening with her laika. She'll tie one end of the line to a post on the shore, then attaches the other end to a stick. The dog then takes the stick in his mouth and swims out into the river. He keeps on swimming as long as Aniuta, standing on the shore, keeps encouraging him: "Swim, Druzhok, swim, Druzhok!" The dog keeps pulling the line until Aniuta changes the tone of her voice as she calls: "Come here, Druzhok, come here Druzhok!" Then the dog releases the stick from his jaws and swims back to shore...

"'Well, that's enough for now. Let's get some sleep.'

"With that the old fellow climbed onto the stove. And I lay down on the wooden sofa. When I woke up at dawn, I went outside and saw Aniuta down by the river tugging on the iron ring to which the fishing line was attached. A huge Siberian laika was helping her. The laika had grasped hold of the ring with his teeth and braced himself with his legs as he backed up. Together they were dragging the line with quite a decent catch on the end of it. Aniuta was wearing rubber boots three sizes too big over her bare feet.

"Once the catch was almost at the shore, she took hold of a scoop net and ran down to collect the fish. The laika was standing on his hind legs, holding the ring in his teeth. Aniuta went into the water deeper than her boots allowed, and the water started pouring over the tops of her boots.

"She drew the catch onto the riverbank and unhooked three splendid fish, which she put into a bag. Then she and the laika together took hold of the rope attached to a piece of plywood carrying the bag, and dragged it home.

"The water was sloshing around in Aniuta's boots, interfering with her walking. She stopped and took off her boots - first one, then the other - and stood barefoot on the cold ground while she emptied out the water. Then she put on her wet boots again and continued on her way.

"As the two of them together lugged their morning catch up to the porch, I got a good look at Aniuta's face and was amazed.

"Her cheeks were a rosy red, and her little eyes were sparkling with determination. These, together with the hint of a smile on her face, made her virtually unrecognisable by comparison with the sickly, sallow-skinned little girl I had met earlier. Aniuta set about rousing her grandfather. With a rather loud wheeze he climbed down from the stove and put on a jacket. Then he took a knife and salt and proceeded to cut up the fish. In the meantime Aniuta served me tea, and I asked her why she got up so early every morning to bring home the fish.

"'Those fellows on the steamship, on the river, they come and collect our fish,' she said. 'They give me money. And I asked them to bring me paint for the houses in our village. They brought me the paint in exchange for the fish. Along with some lovely material for a dress. For that I gave them all the fish I had caught that week.' And when she said that, she went and fetched a huge piece of magnificent silk fabric.

"'Well, Ania,' I observed, 'I see there's enough here for more than one dress. How come so much?'

"'This isn't for me. I've got it ready as a present for my Mamochka, when my Mamochka comes to see me. And I'm also going to give her a beautiful shawl and a long beaded necklace.'

"Then Aniuta opened an old worn suitcase and pulled out a pair of imported women's pantihose, a pearl necklace and a magnificent brightly-coloured shawl.

"'I don't want Mamochka to be upset that she can't give me any presents. I can buy everything for her now myself. I don't want her to think she's been wasting her life.'

"I watched as she joyfully showed me the gifts she had prepared for her mother - she was so happy admiring them - and I realised what had happened: here Aniuta had transformed herself from an utterly helpless, pitiful little girl, waiting for somebody else to help her, into an active, self-confident individual. And happy that she has known such great success, or maybe her happiness stems from an entirely different source...

"Now I believe that each one's happiness lies within themselves, within each one of us. It is there at a particular level of awareness. The only question is: how do we reach that level?! Anastasia helped little Aniuta reach it. Will she be able to help everyone else do the same? Or maybe we ourselves need to learn in some way how to figure things out ourselves."