Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Divine Dispensations (part 3)

This is the third in my series of posts on The Divine Dispensations, summarizing the Founders from their book: "Earth Changes and 2012: Messages From the Founders". The previous posts covered the first four Dispensations and can be read here:

The fifth Dispensation is the The Spiral of Ascension. This Dispensation was introduced to address the problem of memory loss between lifetimes as discussed in part 2. It allowed for the physical human body to advance up with the soul to the next density level. Previously, you had to live in a 3D/4D body and constantly fight the tendency of the soul being pulled down to that level while trying to evolve up to 7D. On top of that, you had to relearn everything if you happened to die before reaching 7D.

The Founders talk about three types of bodies: physical, etheric and celestial. The physical body is conducive to 3D/4D, the etheric body is conducive to 5D/6D, and the celestial body is for 7D/8D/9D. They also use the terms carbon-based, silicon-based, and lithium-based; but note that the silicon/lithium bodies they are talking about are not visible to the optic nerve of a carbon-based human. They also use the term crystal body when referring to the 5D/6D form. The full name would be the silicon-based etheric crystal humanoid light form.

The Spiral of Ascension Dispensation allows for the physical human form to mutate into the etheric crystal form. However, for this to happen a soul was required to have most of its soul fragments reassembled in order to activate the Ascension Master Template DNA key mutation code. After 10,000,000 years of human life on Earth (I'll discuss our past in a future series of posts), only 300 souls have managed to meet this requirement; nowhere near good enough, so God issued The Mass Ascension Dispensation.

The Mass Ascension Dispensation was issued in 1950 and removes the requirement of needing to have most of your soul fragments reassembled in order to activate the Ascension transformation. If you remember from part 2, the Galactic Shift also began in 1950, so looking at the combined view we see that prior to 1950, the Earth was conducive to the 3D/4D human form, but during the Galactic Shift transformation it will gradually cease to support 3D human life. After 2100 it will only support the 4D physical human form as well as the new 5D etheric human form. Of course, as before, higher density beings will still be able to incarnate on Earth, but 3D humans will no longer be able to survive. The peak of this transition occurs between the years 2015 and 2035, when most humans will either evolve to 4D/5D or leave the Earth and incarnate on another planet still suitable for 3D human life. As discussed in part 1, the primary distinguishing characteristic between a 4D human and a 3D human is Love. The only emotion felt and expressed by a 4D human is Love. This is all that is required for you to move with the Earth into the Golden Age, and the way to purify your emotions is with a daily spiritual practice.

Once a soul reaches 4D they fully understand that the purpose of life is soul evolution, so God finally had a way of guaranteeing the return of all souls to 7D. Those souls that choose to remain in 3D will keep having to go through the Mass Ascensions and Galactic Shifts until they finally decide to make the shift to 4D. This was good, but God still wasn't happy, and another two more Dispensations were granted.

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