Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Divine Dispensations (part 2)

This is the second in my series of posts on The Divine Dispensations, summarizing the Founders from their book: "Earth Changes and 2012: Messages From the Founders". The previous post covered the first Dispensation "The Answer to the Separation" and can be read here:

The second Dispensation is the The Wheel of Reincarnation. It allows a soul fragment or incomplete soul to incarnate into human form. So in addition to solving the problem of involuntary fragmentation as discussed in part 1, voluntary fragmentation now also became possible. Through voluntary fragmentation a soul could incarnate on multiple planets simultaneously or even multiple times on the same planet. Also, fragmentation was not limited to 3D/4D environments, but could be used to incarnate into 5D and 6D environments as well. Today almost all humans on Earth are soul fragments. The only humans with a 7D soul are either avatars, walk-ins (Swami Rama was a walk-in), or part of The Enlightened Children Dispensation. So while this allowed a soul to greatly increase the amount it could experience simultaneously, it also introduced more problems. Due to the past life memory loss that occurs between lifetimes, souls were still making little to no progress in evolving back to 7D. The Spiral of Ascension Dispensation directly addresses this problem, but to understand that the two astronomical Dispensations need to be understood first.

The first of the astronomical Dispensations is the Precessional Alignment, which occurs once every 25,920 years. The next alignment will occur on December 21, 2012, where the poles of our planet will align with a group of quasars near the center of the milky way galaxy that are emitting scalar electromagnetic impulses. The effect of these impulses is to cause a sudden jump in soul integration/evolution as well as species evolution. This affects not only humans, but all life on Earth. Those already engaged in a spiritual practice and are familiar with the side effects of the resulting soul integration/evolution will notice only a stronger effect on that date, but those that are unaware of these side effects may not handle them that well. However, all of the hype surrounding December 21, 2012 is actually somewhat misplaced, as the precessional alignment is really only a preview of the main event coming later, which is the Galactic Shift.

The Galactic Shift, the second of the astronomical Dispensations, occurs once every 108 million years for our solar system. It takes 216 million years for our sun to make one revolution around the center of the milky way galaxy, so the Galactic Shift occurs twice per revolution. The Founders state that our scientists haven't factored in certain time/space distortions, so they think one revolution takes longer: 227 million years. The Galactic Shift is an emanation from the Central Sun of each galaxy that affects all solar systems in its path. Our solar system began the Galactic Shift around 1950 which will finish around 2100, but unlike the precessional alignment which is a one shot burst of energy, the Galactic Shift is a permanent change in energy level of the entire solar system. The remaining Dispensations have all been put into place to maximize the number of humans that are able to move with the Earth to this new higher energy level.

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