Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vision Prayer for the Golden Age

I was thinking about how best to summarize the three main themes of the Golden Age: Love, Nature and Ascension, when I came across this "Vision Prayer" by Diana Cooper.

I have a vision
where all people are at peace, fed and housed,
every child is loved and educated to develop their talents,
where the heart is more important than the head
and wisdom is revered over riches.

In this world - justice, equality and fairness rule.

Nature is honoured,
so the waters flow pure and clear
and the air is fresh and clean.
Plants and trees are nurtured
and all animals are respected
and treated with kindness.

Happiness and laughter prevail
and humans walk hand in hand with angels.

Thank you for the love,
understanding, wisdom, courage and humility
to do my part to spread the light.
May all the world ascend.
So be it.

I'm also currently reading her book "2012 and Beyond" and will post a full review when I'm done.

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