Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Founders on Ascension

This post continues my summary of the Founders from their book: "Earth Changes and 2012: Messages From the Founders". This post assumes you have read all of my previous posts on the Founders (see Label "founders" in the right column), but most importantly, the post where Ascension was introduced. In this post I'll provide more details on Ascension as given by the Founders.

The process of Ascension is governed by the Ascension Master Template of DNA codes and keys that get triggered at a certain point in a soul's evolution. Free will determines how long it takes for a soul to reach the point of triggering the Ascension Template. If you are reading this, then you have likely already activated it or will activate it very shortly. The Founders emphasize meditation as the means to activate the Ascension Template and walk the reader through a guided meditation of all 12 chakras. They also state that continued meditation after the Ascension Template has been activated will accelerate the process and make it much easier, plus you will have a greater level of clarity regarding the ascension process itself.

In my opinion, there are a large number of spiritual practices available that will activate the Ascension Template, or in Yogic/Tantric terms, awaken the Kundalini. The Founders eventually make the following general statement:

The key to ascension involves balancing the spiritual and material planes and letting go of all judgment that says one path is better than another. Your God Presence within knows what path is right for you.

The Founders also describe the experiences one can expect after the Ascension Template activates and the individual's vibration begins to rise from 3D to 4D and eventually to 5D. One of the first things you will realize as you move towards 4D is that you are the creator of your own life experience. You start to be able to create the events and situations that occur in your life. You learn about karma, free will, soul contracts, the purpose of your incarnations and purpose in life. And as stated in a previous post, you begin to feel and express only love.

The journey from 4D to 5D is even more interesting and I'll quote the Founders directly for this part:

If you observe a soul moving from fourth into fifth density, at first you will notice that this soul becomes psychologically invisible to those who are living in lower third density vibrations, which means that you could conceivably walk in a dangerous part of your cities late at night even if you are in a female body and those who would normally wish to do harm to you will see you optically (you will register in their optic nerve), but they will have no psychological reference point for you.

So at the very least, someone who might be a rapist or murderer might see you walk by and realize that a human being has just walked by and then follow it up no further than that. It is called psychological invisibility. You are unlike each other and so the law of attraction keeps you apart.

The next step after psychological invisibility is actual physical invisibility to those who are in third density. This is what the Christians have referred to as the rapture. It is not a sudden event where people disappear in a puff of smoke and their clothes fall away from their bodies. Rather, it is a situation wherein you become more and more translucent and filled with light until your body essentially dissolves into pure light. You may at times appear to those who can see you as a glowing radiant person, much as in the depictions of the saints in your Renaissance paintings with halos around their heads.

When you reach a vibration of what you call 5.0, you become completely invisible to those who are vibrating below 3.5. There is about a 1.5 level optical spectrum in most densities, meaning that you can see and interact with souls who are up to one-and-a-half levels above or below you. If the difference is wider than that, it becomes very difficult to interact directly with other souls and that is why we in the higher realms must step our vibration down several times in order to communicate with you.

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