Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Founders on the 4D Timeline

This post continues from my last post where the 3D timeline was covered. In this post I present what the Founders have to say about the 4D timeline.

Those that are able to withstand the frequency change, but are not able to go completely through the stargate into the fifth dimension, will find themselves in the fourth dimension, which is the dimension of thought and time. To a fourth density being living in a fourth dimensional time/space continuum, life seems quite similar to third density except that such souls are aware that they are conscious creators and that consciousness creates their experience of reality.

They learn to create from the center of their being outward, and the world they see is an enlightened paradise that reflects their higher state of consciousness. This is the "golden age" spoken of by many of your prophets.

Fourth density humans remaining with the Earth will create intentional self-sufficient spiritual communities of light in the safe places on Earth, where they will flourish and thrive. They will create what the Hopi call the "fifth world." (Pangaea is the first, Lemuria the second, Atlantis the third and the rapidly declining present civilization the fourth world.) The number of souls choosing the fourth density path will likely be between one and two billion.

The Founders don't say much about those following the 4D timeline, except that they will "create intentional self-sufficient spiritual communities." This sounds a lot like an EcoVillage to me. To find one near you, check out the FIC Directory. If you've read my blog from the beginning, you'll also know that my favorite source for spiritual guidance on self-sufficient living is Anastasia (see Label "anastasia" in the right column). Here is my introductory post on Anastasia to get you started.

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