Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Founders on Earth Changes

My next series of posts will cover more specific predictions given by the Founders from their book "Earth Changes and 2012: Messages From the Founders" for the 2012 to 2030 time period. Regarding these predictions they emphasize the following point repeatedly.

These prophecies have a large margin of error, as do all specific predictions, due to fluctuations in the free will of humans. They are only guidelines and pointers to the most likely scenarios according to our viewpoint from outside the veil of your world.

In this post, I'll look at the geological, geographical and climatic changes that appear likely to the Founders. In terms of using your free will to reduce these effects, I can recommend gardening as described by Anastasia. I can also recommend eN-Kriya step 6 or any equivalent prayer/meditation practice. Below are snippets from the Founders' seven page discussion on the topic.

Your beloved Mother Earth has her own way of restoring the balance when things get out of whack. Many of the climatic changes, earthquakes, volcanoes and other so-called "natural" Earth changes are the result of your Mother's desire to put things back into balance.

The ocean currents will be changing as well. Areas that have been temperate will get colder, while other places will warm up. You can already see extremes in many places. Some countries are drying up, while others are being inundated with rain.

Your coastlines will erode a bit, but not as much as in the northern hemisphere. You have a lot of arable land on plateaus above the sea and you will need to rely on this in the years to come for growing your food.

There are many areas of Asia near sea level and these will continue to experience greater and greater floods in the years to come. Many will perish along the coastlines. Inland areas will experience more extreme drought. In some parts of the continent, you have cut down most of your trees and this is causing severe erosion.

In the years to come, the climate will continue to get more and more erratic, with droughts and floods commonplace. Your Nile river will rise and fall in unusual patterns, and your growing seasons will change. As with most countries on Earth, land near sea level will eventually become inundated.

North America
Your coastlines will erode significantly, particularly along what you call the Gulf region. Parts of the state of Florida will disappear into the sea. The inland growing region of California will soon become an inland sea, greatly reducing agricultural production.

There will be increasing drought in the USA and Canada, with flooding rains along the coastlines, as well as dramatic warming. Already, wildfires are raging across parched areas of the west every summer, and the southeast is drying up. Mexico will continue to become more tropical (warmer and wetter in most sections).

South America
Expect the weather in areas that are being decimated through logging to become quite severe at times, with droughts in the middle of the rainy season, and rainy weather in the middle of the dry season.

Your eastern coastlines will experience significant erosion in the years to come, and many people will migrate inland in search of food, water and livelihood.

Your climate imbalances are showing up more every year. Heat waves, floods and droughts are becoming commonplace. Most of your countries are quite crowded and there is a shortage of arable land in many places. The countries currently producing most of your food will be subject to drought and famine in the years to come.

Middle East
We foresee major flooding and climate irregularities in the desert areas, as well as cold spells that are unusually severe. You already have heat waves as a natural consequence of your geography.

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