Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Avatars and ETs

In order to understand Avatars and ETs some background information is required. All of what follows has been extracted from the Founders book "Earth Changes and 2012: Messages From the Founders". In there, the Founders divide the universe into 12 levels of consciousness (not including God, who is beyond everything). The word "density" is used when referring to these levels. I will abbreviate this as 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, etc. The word "dimension" is also used since each level of consciousness also exists in a different dimension, but this is confusing for most. In this usage "dimension" does not refer to spacial dimensions (line, plane, space, etc.) but to parallel realities. I'll explain this in more detail later, but for now here are the "densities" very briefly:

  • 1D Mineral Kingdom (non-living matter)
  • 2D Plant Kingdom
  • 3D Animal Kingdom (including humans)
  • 4D Advanced Humans (perfect health, all loving)
  • 5D Ascended Humans (immortal light beings)
  • 6D/7D Humans (pinnacle of the individual soul)
  • 8D Oversoul (able to create up to 12 7D souls)
  • 9D/10D/11D (advanced design and creation ability)
  • 12D (able to create entire universes, design life forms, spiritual laws, anything - perhaps even create something more beautiful or spectacular than God himself)

Many people believe that only up to 3D exists, some believe in 3D plus God, but according to the Founders, there is a huge hierarchy of beings (Avatars and ETs) involved with the design and creation of this universe. In terms of the hierarchy of beings directly involved with the Earth, here is a partial list:

  • Alcyone High Councils (9D)
  • Great White Brotherhood (8D)
  • Ashtar Command (7D)
  • Andromedan Councils (7D to 9D)
  • Draco High Councils (7D)
  • Arcturians (5D to 9D)
  • Angelic Orders of Elohim and Metatron (7D to 8D)
  • Orders of Enoch and Melchizedek (7D to 9D)
  • Order of Isis and Sirus A and B High Councils (8D)
  • Order of Thoth (7D)
  • Lord Krishna (10D) - from "Soul Integration"
  • Lord Sananda - Oversoul of Jesus (8D)
  • Lord Buddha Oversoul (8D)
  • The Seven Archangels (8D)
  • Avatar Babaji (9D)

My primary purpose with all of this is to give you a context for understanding the last being that I listed: Avatar Babaji. An Avatar is a higher density being in a physical human form. Communication with 5D+ beings is usually done through channeling, however, a higher density being may choose to manifest or be born into a physical human body for more direct communication. These beings are known as Avatars.

The Founders state that there are usually around 100 Avatars on Earth at any given time, and give one example of such an Avatar: Babaji.

Over the last 100 years, there have been numerous reports of Babaji materializing various bodies just long enough to bring through sacred teachings, such as Kriya Yoga. Babaji is a 9th density being from the Central Sun of the galaxy working in alliance with the brotherhoods (and sisterhoods) of Light.

Some of the best stories of Babaji can be found in "Autobiography of a Yogi" which I'll cover in my next few posts.


  1. Yes!! So happy to be here! This is great stuff.
    Thank you

  2. I was going to go to bed...but how can I now?


  3. Hi Jenna,

    I too find it exciting how all the advanced spiritual beings known on Earth (and throughout the galaxy) are all connected.


  4. I am just curiuos, how did you get the GF list

  5. You are right, I forgot to give my reference, though I have provided it in an earlier post.

    I've updated this post as well with a link to the book "Earth Changes and 2012" by Sal Rachele, where the GF list comes from.

  6. Is not the Highest postion to be beyond Identity and be absorbed into the Nothingness of Pure Awareness?.. thus beyond all densities and dimensions.... namaste, thomas

  7. >Is not the Highest postion to be beyond Identity...

    The highest position for who? A human being? An Archangel? God? Or are you talking about the highest position during meditation? For that would be a completely different subject.

  8. I am speaking of the Final Reality.. That place of no more egoic existence and not even the existence of Identity.. only Pure Awareness.. that place that said; ' Let there be Light'

  9. >That place of no more egoic existence...

    From my perspective, this type of teaching is geared specifically to 3D humans living in a state of separation consciousness. By telling such a being to seek "pure awareness" they will elevate themselves to 4D and unity consciousness.

    Have you sat motionless to the point where you lose all awareness of your physical body and physical reality? Have you stilled your thoughts to the point where you experience pure awareness?

    For me, this is the state where you experience your oneness with everything. A sensation that I am an infinite being of pure love, and that all I see is part of me.

    This is just the first baby step in an endless journey from my perspective.

  10. By your response, I can see that you do not know of what I am speaking of.. the fourth dimension has nothing to do with Pure Awareness and you are merely speaking of the natural state of non ego called Divine Consciousness and therefore, I am wasting our time.......good bye,,, namaste, thomas

  11. Agreed. My experience is infinite love, and yours is pure awareness. There are an infinite number of paths, models, experiences, etc. and I wish you every success with yours.

  12. Another thought came to me. The experience of infinite love has been said to be associated with the heart chakra and 4D, while the breatharian state in my model is associated with 5D. I have not studied much beyond that as I'm entirely focused on 4D/5D for the purpose of Ascension, so I can only assume the pure awareness you are talking about refers to 6D/7D. After 7D is beyond the human soul and can't be discussed from an experience point of view.

  13. Yet one more thought. Are you talking about ending your existence in all densities and dimensions? The Founders say such a thing is not possible, once you are born you live forever and give the following analogy.

    As a parent, what do you wish for your child? For them to end their existence (merge back into you)? Or to live to do things greater and grander than you yourself have done? Why would God be any different?

  14. We are Light and Love.. We are the thought creation from Pure Awareness.. Pure Awareness has no ego because it is the Energy of Complete Unselfish Love.. Therefore, It has no notion of Identity.. This is the Final Reality.. This is Home.. When We have Realised that We are Light and Love, then We continue to seek That which said;" Let there be Light".. The Highest Love is to give the gift of Everything... Everything is Identity even the Identity of God.......... namaste, thomas

  15. This is something that I wrote the other day on my blog.. It should bring more understanding..

    Who is this 'I Am'?...

    This is the acknowledgement of Consciousness..

    This is the Reality of Divine Consciousness..

    This is Who We Are..

    As long as You have the desire to 'Be' anything.

    You will remain 'I Am'..

    This 'I Am' is seen everyday as 'ego'

    'I Am', smart, strong, beautiful, wealthy, individual, etc..

    This is the power of creation..

    'I Am' creates many 'I Am's..

    The Original 'I Am' is the Dream from Pure Awareness..

    Being from the mind of Pure Awareness, the original 'I Am' is composed of the
    mind of Pure Awareness, which is the Energy of Love..

    The Energy of Love is non separation..

    This is why friendship, family, and love feels good..

    Love is non-separation..

    Ego is separation..

    'I Am' is separation..

    'I Am' is separation from 'Pure Awareness'..

    Surrender the 'I Am' to Pure Awareness..

    This is the Complete Freedom of non-Identity..

    This is Home.....

    namaste, thomas