Thursday, July 7, 2011

The eN-Kriya Technique (part 2)

In this video Paramahamsa Nithyananda clearly and concisely explains the 7 steps of eN-Kriya. So I will just quote him directly with some embellishments and paraphrasing starting at the 36:00 mark.

I'll give the instruction now. The first step is Nadi Shodhana. Closing your right nostril with right thumb, inhaling as deeply as possible through the left nostril. Then opening the right nostril and closing the left with your middle finger and ring finger, exhaling through the right as completely as possible. And inhaling through the right, and exhaling through the left. It's called one cycle. Do this at least 11 times. This is the first step.

The second step. Bhastrika. Pull your lower abdomen in and up. If it is too heavy there is nothing that can be done. Even if you shake the whole body you cannot shake the lower abdomen. 21 times do Bhastrika. This is the second step.

The third step is: inhale as slowly as possible, hold as long as possible, exhale as slowly as possible, hold the lungs empty as long as possible. This one cycle is called one Samana Kriya. Do this 21 times. This is the third step.

All of these 3 steps are preparatory steps. The fourth step is the main Kriya. In this you put your thumbs in the ears, the index finger and middle finger on the eyes, ring finger on the nose, and little finger on the lips. It's called Samburi Mudra. Close all the five senses. Block the nostrils. Stop the energy going outward. Bring the energy intensely in. This is a powerful technique for instant enlightenment. Hold as long as you can.

Your mind will say, "No, no I can't hold anymore, I'll fall. I'm going to faint." Don't worry, even if you faint, automatically your hands will relax. You'll breathe, you'll not die. Only if you have a serious heart condition, or high blood pressure, any other serious illness, don't do. People with normal health can do as much as you can.

When you are able to...again block. When you are feeling balanced, again block the nostrils. Do this same thing 21 times. Through Samburi Mudra sending the energy inside; directing it. This is the main Kriya, the fourth part.

The fifth part is intense humming for 7 minutes.

The sixth part is Shakti Dharana. Stand on your knees and raise the hands towards the sky. Connect with the masters. Feel their presence and intense energy landing on you. When you feel full, just surrender to the Earth. Empty yourself. Pour yourself. Then again stand up on your knees. Receive intensely and pour to the Earth. Do this at least 7 times.

The last step. Sit feeling connected with the masters. Send a strong compassionate, loving, healing energy and vibrations to the whole world. Bless the whole world. The last step is the time I work intensely on you awakening the Kundalini. That's the time for you to relax and experience the awakening.

In my next post, I'll provide my full analysis of the eN-Kriya technique.


  1. At last a website with practical instruction in en krya technique.
    Sincere thanks and love to all.

    Ian Wright

  2. Hello!
    Very clear instruction by serially numberised. Now it could be reread within five minutes.
    I have one question to you. Perhaps it sounds as madness, however, tell me truth if you can. As Nityananda Saraswati Swami, the en kriya is written as a yogic process to awaken third eye. Did you feel awaken of your third eye with this and how it is?

  3. I've had experiences in all of my chakras including the third eye, but I've practiced much more than just en-kriya.

  4. Thankyou man this helped me so much