Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Utthan (kriya 17)

This is the seventeenth of the twenty Kundalini Kriyas of Kriya Yoga. If you have not completed my free online course, please download and complete that first.

Continue sitting in Siddhasana or Siddha Yoni Asana. Eyes are closed, breathing is normal, tongue is in Kechari Mudra, and head is facing forward.

Bring your awareness to Mooladhara. Try to visualize a black Shivalingam made of a smoky gaseous substance sitting there. The bottom and top of the lingam are cut off, and circled around it is a red baby snake. This red baby snake is trying to uncoil itself so it can move upward through Sushumna. It struggles and comes free with an angry hissing sound as it ascends the spinal passage. The tail of the snake remains fixed at the Shivalingam, while the head and body move upward and come back down again. The head of the snake is very large, filling your own head when it rises, but it is not a cobra. After some time you may feel your body contract, or perhaps a sensation of bliss. When this occurs go to the next kriya.

A video describing and demonstrating this kriya will be posted with kriya 20.

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