Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Take Back Your Motherland, People! (book 4 chapter 24)

In this chapter Anastasia provides new meaning to the word "Motherland", but as usual that meaning is lost on Vladimir (for now).

At first I found my dialogue with Anatasia about what constitutes the Motherland rather unintelligible. Her arguments didn't even seem normal to me, at least initially. But later...

Even today I can't help thinking of them. I distinctly recall her response to my questions about what to do to prevent war - either earthly or interplanetary - from happening to us, to eliminate bandits altogether and bear happy and healthy children. It went this way:

"We need to tell everyone, Vladimir: Take back your Motherland, people!"

"'Take back your Motherland?' - are you sure you're not mistaken, Anastasia? Everyone has a Motherland, or a native land, only not everybody lives in the country where they were born. Maybe you didn't mean 'take back your Motherland', but 'you need to come back to your Motherland' - is that what you were trying to say?"

"I was not mistaken, Vladimir. Most people living on this planet today have no Motherland at all."

"What d'you mean they haven't a Motherland? For Russians, Russia is their Motherland, the English have England. After all, everybody was born somewhere, and so people will use the term Motherland or native land to refer to the land where they were born."

"Do you consider that one's Motherland must be measured by someone's arbitrarily determined border?"

"What else? That's the way things are. All states have borders."

"But if there were no borders, how could you determine your Motherland then?"

"By the place I was born - the town or village - or maybe the whole Earth would then be a Motherland for everyone?"

"The whole Earth could be a Motherland for each one of its inhabitants, and Man could be caressed by everything in the Universe, but for that to happen, he would need to join together all planes of being into a single point, call it his Motherland, and create with his own self a Space of Love therein. Then all the best things of the Universe would come into contact with it first hand - come into contact with the space of your Motherland. You in yourself will feel the whole vast Universe through this point, and possess power unsurpassed. They will know about this on other worlds. Everything will serve you, as God, our Creator, wanted it."

"You've really got to speak in simpler terms, Anastasia. I didn't get anything about those 'planes of being', or how to join together their strands. Or about the 'point' I can call my Motherland."

So while you might be feeling the same as Vladimir right now, all will be explained in the coming chapters (and my future posts).

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