Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Precessional Alignment (part 4)

This is the fourth in a series of posts that will discuss the precessional alignment of December 21, 2012 in detail. The Founders cover this topic in chapter 7 of the book "Earth Changes and 2012: Messages From the Founders". The chapter continues as follows.

(6) The degree and influence of positive and negative ETs and ascended beings from the higher realms;

You have a lot of helpers and a few hinderers, whose roles during the changes will be detailed in Chapter 10. Your ability to embrace or refrain from embracing their help, depending on the quality of what is being offered, will greatly add to or subtract from your experience of the precessional alignment.

(7) The number of humans cycling out of incarnation;

All of you have free will, and that means you can elect to use the precessional alignment as an opportunity to propel yourselves forward in terms of soul growth. However, a majority of humans on Earth will find the changes overwhelming. In essence, their souls are not ready to undergo the shift and so they will find a way of exiting the Earth plane. After leaving their bodies, they will eventually reincarnate on another third density planet that is appropriate to their level of awareness. The number of souls likely to exit during the three-day window of the precessional alignment is actually quite small, but the number taken over the period 2012 to 2030 is quite significant. We estimate that around 10% of humanity will choose to exit near the beginning of that time period, but by the time 2030 rolls around, over three-quarters of the souls currently inhabiting the Earth will likely be gone from the physical plane.

(8) The number of humans ascending during this event.

It is estimated that between 10 million and 30 million humans will be sufficiently evolved to be able to enter fifth density during the period of 2012 to 2030. The exact number will depend on free will decisions.

Although the passage of the Earth through the altered EM field generated by the precessional alignment cannot be prevented by free will, the experience can vary greatly from one human being to another depending on the physical, emotional, mental (psychological), astral, etheric and causal state of each person. Humans embodying Divine principles of love and compassion will likely have a much more positive experience of this event. Humans desiring to ascend in the "first wave" can use this opportunity to complete their 3D/4D dense body experience and move into the 5D light body.

The alignment of 2012 is often referred to as the "first wave" opportunity for souls to ascend. It is unlikely that millions of souls will actually ascend all at once on December 21, 2012. The transition will be spread out over many years. The precessional alignment acts as a catalyst for change, not as an absolute deadline for humanity. However, those who are undecided as to their course of action will find it extremely difficult to remain undecided after 2012. In a sense, the portal opened by the fluctuating EM fields creates a "ring-pass-not" effect within the etheric planes, meaning that almost all of humanity will pass through a one-way door into their chosen reality on or around that date.

Essentially what this will do to the physiological and psychological state of humans is magnify what is already present within consciousness. Those humans who are living in a state of fear will likely experience the Precessional Cycle in a fearful manner. Many of them will cycle out of their 3D/4D bodies and reincarnate on another planet more suitable for their level of soul experience. Like the ascension, this will take place over a period of years, not all at once on December 21, 2012.

It is important that there be no judgment regarding who and what is appropriate for each human. This is not a "judgment day." God is not passing sentence upon humanity. This event is well understood by the soul and causal body and great care goes into planning incarnations around the time of this event.

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