Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ramtha: The White Book

This is the first in a series of posts that will present the teachings given in "Ramtha: The White Book". I recently finished reading this and found it to be one of the best spiritual books I've ever read. It fills in a few critical gaps not covered by the Founders, Anastasia and the other sources I've read to date.

In the forward, JZ Knight describes Ramtha's physical appearance.

Ram is seven feet tall and he wears two robes that I have always seen him in. Even though they are the same robe, they are really beautiful so you never get tired of seeing them. The inner robe is snow white and goes all the way down to where I presume his feet are, and then he has an overrobe that is beautiful purple. But you should understand that I have really looked at the material on these robes and it is not really material. It is sort of like light. And though the light has a transparency to them, there is an understanding that what he is wearing has a reality to it.

Ramtha's face is cinnamon-colored skin, and that is the best way I can describe it. It is not really brown and it is not really white and it is not really red; it is sort of a blending of that. And he has very deep black eyes that can look into you and you know you are being looked into. He has eyebrows that look like wings of a bird that come high on his brow. He has a very square jaw and a beautiful mouth, and when he smiles you know that you are in heaven. He has long, long hands, long fingers that he uses very eloquently to demonstrate his thought.

In Chapter One, Ramtha introduces his teachings. He starts by describing his ascension.

I am Ramtha, a sovereign entity, who lived a long time ago upon this plane called Earth, or Terra. In that life I did not die; I ascended, for I learned to harness the power of my mind and to take my body with me into an unseen dimension of life. In doing so, I realized an existence of unlimited freedom, unlimited joy, unlimited life. Others who lived here after me have also ascended.

I am now part of an unseen brotherhood who loves mankind greatly. We are your brothers who hear your prayers and your meditations and observe your movements to and fro. We are those who lived here as man and experienced the despair, the sorrow, and the joy that all of you have known. Yet we learned to master and transcend the limitations of the human experience to realize a grander state of being.

I have come to tell you that you are very important and precious to us because the life that flows through you and the thought that is coming to everyone of you - however you entertain it - are the intelligence and life force that you have termed God. It is this essence that connects all of us, not only to those upon your plane but to those in untold universes which you have not yet the eyes to see.

I am here to remind you of a heritage which most of you forgot long, long ago. I have come to give you a loftier perspective from which you may reason and understand that you are indeed divine and immortal entities who have always been loved and supported by the essence called God. I am here to help you realize that only you through your sublime intelligence have created every reality in your life, and with that same power you have the option to create and experience any reality you desire.

Later in the chapter, he talks about the coming Golden Age.

I have brought with me the winds of change upon your plane. I and those who stand with me are preparing mankind for a grand event that has already been set into motion. We are going to unite all the people of this plane by allowing man to witness something great and brilliant, which will cause him to open up and allow knowledge and love to flow forth.

Why is this being done? Because you are loved greater than you have ever considered love to be and because it is time for man to live a grander understanding than that which has plagued him into dark ages, taken away his freedom, divided peoples, and caused hatred between lovers and war amongst nations. It is time for that to be finished. It is time for man to realize his divinity and immortality of being and cease groveling for survival upon this plane.

There is coming a day very soon when great knowledge will be brought to this plane by wonderful entities who are your beloved brothers. In that time, scientific developments will bloom here greater than they ever have. What is coming forth is called the Age of God. This age will come about through a deliberate change in time and the values of time. In the years to come disease, suffering, hatred, and war will no longer be upon this plane. No longer will there be the aging and death of the body, but continuous life. It is through knowledge, understanding, and profound love that these things will come forth in the life of each entity.

There is no other redemption for mankind than to realize their divinity. You are the seeds of this understanding. As each of you realize your own worth and value and the foreverness of your life, you will add, one by one, to the consciousness of unlimited thinking, unlimited freedom, and unlimited love. Whatever you think, whatever you come to realize, lifts and expands consciousness everywhere. And when you live what you have come to understand, wholly for the good of your own purposeful life, you allow others to see in you a greater thought process, a grander understanding, a more purposeful existence than what they see all around them.

These times are the greatest of all times in your recorded history. Though they are difficult and challenging times, you chose to live here during this time for the purpose of the fulfillment that it would bring you. All of you have been promised for e'er so long that you would see God in your lifetime, yet lifetime after lifetime you never allowed yourselves to see it. In this lifetime, most of you will indeed. You will see a magnificent kingdom emerge here, and civilizations will come forth that you had not even the slightest notion existed. And a new wind will blow, and love, peace, and joy in being will grace this blessed place, the emerald of your universe and the home of God.

Contemplate what is spoken. Allow these words into your being. When you do, thought by thought, feeling by feeling, moment by moment, you will come back into the understanding of your greatness, your power, and your glory.

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