Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Invasion Centre (book 4 chapter 23)

In this chapter Anastasia talks about what is commonly known as "Disclosure". Essentially, ETs are in discussions with various governments to provide advanced technology to all humans on Earth. Here she explains in detail what would happen if Disclosure were allowed to proceed. We begin with Anastasia describing the ET proposal to our governments.

"The text will read something like this:

We the representatives of an extraterrestrial civilisation, having achieved the ultimate level of technological development by comparison with other intelligent inhabitants of the Universe, do hereby consider Earth people our brothers in reason.

We are prepared to share our knowledge with societies on the Earth in various branches of science and social structure and offer them our technology.

We ask you to consider our proposals and select the ones most suitable for improving the life of every member of your society.

"Then will follow a whole series of concrete proposals, the substance of which amounts to this:

"The visitors offer to share their technology in providing each citizen of the country with nutrient mixture and rapid construction of housing for everyone who has reached the age of maturity. This is the same kind of housing you have already seen, Vladimir, only with not quite so many functions. As an example, they will introduce their mini-factories into the country. They will integrate their alien factories with existing Earth factories, but in five years all Earth technologies will be discarded and replaced by technologically more advanced counterparts. A job will be guaranteed for all who wish to have one. Not only that, but every single inhabitant of the Earth will be required to contribute a certain minimum amount of work toward maintaining the technological devices.

A nation that signs a treaty with the visitors will be completely protected from military invasion by any other nation. In a society which embraces the new social order and its technologically supported lifestyle there will be no crime. In the apartments provided you, everything you need will react only to your voice commands, identified by tones inherent only in your voice. Every day before you take in food, the computers in your apartments will scan your eyes, breath and other parameters to determine your physical health and prescribe the corresponding food mixture composition.

"Each computer installed in an individual apartment will be linked with the main computer, which will thereby be able to pinpoint the exact geographic location of every individual, along with his state of physical and mental health. Any criminal offence will be easily uncovered with the help of a special programme in the main computer. Besides, the social conditions which now foster crime will be absent.

In return, the visitors plan to ask the government's permission to settle representatives of their civilisation in sparsely inhabited areas - mainly in forests - as well as the right of people to exchange their individual garden plots for technologically equipped apartments and provision of lifetime care if they choose to do so.

The governments will agree, under the impression that they will still be in full control. A number of religious denominations will start preaching that the alien visitors are God's emissaries, since the aliens will not deny any of the religions existing on the Earth. Religious leaders who do not believe in the aliens' Divine perfection will find it impossible to stand up against the visitors since they will be accepted by the majority of the citizens in each country that signs the treaty. All other countries will start seeking similar treaties of co-operation with the visitors.

Nine years after the first landing on the Earth a new way of life will have been speedily inculcated into all countries on all the continents of the Earth. All information media will broadcast the ever advancing achievements in technology and social order. The majority of the population will glorify the 'emissaries of the Mind of the Universe' as intellectually superior brethren, as deities in themselves."

"And not without justification," I remarked to Anastasia. "There's nothing wrong in having no wars and crime on the Earth. Everyone will be provided with an apartment, food and employment."

"Vladimir, do you not realise that once mankind accepts the terms of the aliens, they at the same time renounce their non-material, Divine self? In fact, it will self-destruct. All that is left will be material bodies. And every Man, Vladimir, will come to more and more resemble a biological robot. And all the children of the Earth will henceforth be born biological robots."

"But why?"

"All people on the Earth will be compelled to render daily service to those devices which outwardly serve them. All mankind will fall into a trap, surrendering their own freedom and that of their children for the sake of an artificial technological perfection. Before long many Earth people will intuitively recognise their mistake and start ending their lives by suicide."

"Strange. What would they be lacking?"

"Freedom, creativity and the feelings that only co-creation with the Divine creation can bring."

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