Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Sanchalana and Mudra Kriyas

The next three Sanchalana kriyas (3 to 5) and the two following Mudra kriyas (6 and 7) all make use of the same head movement, breathing pattern and concentration flow. I'll use this post to capture that commonality, and then when I describe each kriya I'll focus on only their differences.

They all begin with the eyes open, the breath exhaled fully, the head drooped forward in a relaxed manner, and the concentration on Mooladhara. After this there is some uniqueness, but then all of them continue with Ujjayi inhalation synchronized with the concentration moving up the Arohan passage along the front of the body as depicted in Figure 1 above.

Once the concentration reaches Vishuddhi, begin moving your head up as your concentration continues up to Bindu. At Bindu your inhalation should be complete, the breath is held, and your head should droop backwards now in a relaxed manner, while the eyes remain open throughout. This phase of the inhalation is depicted in Figure 2 above.

After some uniqueness in each kriya, Ujjayi exhalation begins as the concentration moves down the Awarohan passage along the back of the body. The head is returned to a forward facing position while the eyes slowly close in Unmani Mudra. The concentration should reach Mooladhara as the Ujjayi exhalation completes and the eyes fully close. At this point the eyes are opened, the head droops forward and you are ready to begin the next round.

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