Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It will Prepare Everything by Itself (book 1 chapter 11 part 3)

In this final part of chapter 11, Anastasia continues to explain how to build a strong bond with the plants in your garden. Many are known, such as touching and talking to your plants each day, but she also talks about pouring water over yourself in the morning while standing in the garden, as well as washing your feet with water in the evening then pouring that in the garden. This allows the plants to continue to get updated information from you regarding your state of health.

In part 1 she talked about the importance of growing cereal grains in your garden, and here she provides more details on their benefit.

"You should also take it upon yourself to gather some cereal grain, thresh it, grind it into flour and then use the flour to bake bread. This is extremely important. Anyone consuming this bread even once or twice a year will build up a store of energy capable of awakening his inner spiritual powers - not only calming his soul but also exerting a beneficial influence on his physical condition. This bread can be shared with relatives and close friends. If shared with sincerity and love, it will have quite a beneficial influence on them as well. It is very helpful to every individual's health to spend three days, at least once each summer, eating only what is grown in his garden-plot, along with bread, sunflower oil and just a pinch of salt."

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