Sunday, June 10, 2012

Economic Realities (chapter 6)

In chapter 6 of the book "Earth Awakens: Prophecy 2012 - 2030" the Founders provide some practical investment recommendations for making the transition to the Golden Age.

It is our understanding that the American and European currencies will likely decline dramatically between 2012 and 2015, resulting in severe hyperinflation or depression, depending on how the central banks respond to the deepening crisis. At the same time, the value of real goods (including gold, silver and agricultural commodities) will rise significantly.

Real estate was hyper-inflated for many years due to speculation. In 2006 the bubble burst and it has been declining ever since. We anticipate that it will continue to drop for a while and then stabilize and eventually climb, since land and buildings are real assets. However, it is likely that by the time it appreciates significantly in value, housing and land will only be available to those who have gold, silver and precious metals as collateral.

It is recommended that you prepare for the collapse by prioritizing your investments as follows:
  • (1) buy land and grow your own food while you still can;
  • (2) buy gold, silver and other precious metals (have the metal on hand in a safe place);
  • (3) keep cash on hand rather than deposited in the bank;
  • (4) keep liquid assets, such as checking accounts and credit/debit cards;
  • (5) invest in forward-thinking companies that have excellent management and are contributing to the well-being of the world (such as alternative energy and environmental cleanup companies).
Remember, this is in order of priority. If you only have enough money for some of these, make sure items (1) and (2) are handled first.

I've written before about the importance of investing in gold, and here the Founders confirm the soundness of that advice, but even more important is buying land and growing food. While I've been growing food in my back yard as a learning exercise, I still have yet to purchase my one hectare of land as recommended by Anastasia for building a home and growing a food forest.

So while it is certainly possible to go it alone, I would much prefer to do so in a group as there is strength in numbers. I'm thinking of around 10 families buying around 100 acres or 40 hectares. If each family takes one hectare, then that still leaves plenty of space for growth as children become adults, marry and need their own hectare. The key to success though lies in having a shared vision of a Golden Age Ecovillage.

The Founders have much to say about this topic which I'll be sharing in future posts.


  1. where to buy the gold from?

  2. In Canada and most countries, you can buy gold from the government (like the Royal Canadian Mint in Canada), from a bank (like Scotiabank in Canada), or a private corporation (like Sprott Asset Management in Canada).

    The company GoldMoney ( will ship gold to 20 different countries.