Sunday, January 5, 2020

The Hidden Teachings of Jesus

This is a video by Steve Johnson, whose experience of the breathless state I posted previously here: Steve on the Breathless State. In the second half of this video, starting at the 27:44 mark, Steve provides an excellent explanation of Kechari Mudra and I've included an excerpt below. Finally, I was honored that Steve chose to mention me at the end of the video. Thank you Steve!

The purpose of a mudra is to redirect the energy flows in the body. The reason kechari mudra is known as the king of all mudras is because of the benefit it bestows.

Number one: the ability to stop the Breath or go Breathless which quiets the mind considerably.

Number two: it completes the electric circuit; it attaches the spine to the brain.

Number three: allows the Sadhaka to balance the Nadis which then makes the electricity of the body go up the Sushumna or Brahmin Nadi.

Number four: allows the Sadhaka to rub a nerve center which leads to Dharana or one-pointedness of mind.

Number five: turns on your Kundalini or opens the knot at the Muladhara Chakra.

Number six: allows the Sadhaka to push on a nerve center shutting off all sensory perception.

Number seven: allows the Sadhaka to drink from the Fountain of Youth or King Arthur's Holy Grail. Absorption of the liquid the brain makes which is also known as Ayahuasca, Amrita, or DMT with the tongue separates the consciousness from the mind. This is the land of milk and honey.

Now that is quite a list there so let's talk about them one at a time...