Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Parable for the Golden Age

I've only read the first book in the Immortal Series by J.J. Dewey as it's available to read free online. My favorite part is this parable given in Chapter 19.

The Parable - Chapter 19

John continued. "Listen carefully to this parable and write it down in your own words after I leave. You will publish it later and it will be an inspiration to many. If you sense the Spirit in the words you will guess where it originated."

"On a certain night Jim, Mike, Ron and Dave died. Shortly thereafter they all found themselves walking on a beaten path. It seemed right to follow the path. Finally they came to a dividing point. One path veered to the left; the other to the right. They stood a moment, pondering what to do, when suddenly a man in white appeared and gave them instructions."

"Welcome, my friends', he said. 'You are approaching your new home and I am here to instruct you as much as is permitted. You notice there are two paths before you: One of them takes you to Heaven, a place more beautiful than you can imagine. The other takes you to Hell, a land full of darkness, despair and wretched individuals. All I can tell you at this point is you are to choose a path, but once you reach your destination you cannot turn back. Once you get to Heaven you will stay there, or once you get to Hell you will stay there. One more word I can say. Do not be frightened, for that reward you get in the end will be that which you deserve. Go forth confident that if you have led a just life, you will reap as you have sowed. You must proceed one at a time and each walk the path alone.'"

"After saying this the man disappeared. The four were astonished at this somewhat random method of reaching Heaven or Hell. Finally, they decided they must go forward and drew straws to determine who would go first. Jim got the first opportunity and chose the path on the right. He thought that perhaps this would lead to heaven because the "right" is always associated with "good." But as he proceeded he heard the fierce sound of wild animals, clouds seemed to hide the sun and the earth seemed to shake. He became very frightened and thought, 'Maybe I have chosen the wrong path.' He turned around, went back to the beginning and told the others of his experience. Then he decided to try the left hand path. As he ventured forth he saw more ominous signs. He kept wondering how far he could go before he could not turn back, and with each step he became more and more frightened until he was forced to retreat back to the beginning."

"Seeing that Jim could not make a firm decision as to which path to take, Ron and Dave suggested Mike now take his turn. Mike, however, was paralyzed with fear for, according to Jim's story, neither path sounded very heavenly. 'I'm going to think about it a while', he said. 'Someone else can take a turn.'"

"It was now Ron's turn and he said, 'I'm picking the right-hand path and not turning back.' He followed through with his decision, and went past the sound of wild animals and through the darkness and storm clouds until he found himself in a place of unspeakable beauty and peace. He assumed he was in Heaven and rested there."

"It was now Dave's turn to move onward. Jim said he thought he heard a wild animal eating Ron and a chill of concern spread through them all. Dave was not sure he was making the right decision, for he chose the path on the left. He thought within himself: 'No matter what happens I'll go forward on this path and make the best of it.'"

"As he proceeded, things went from bad to worse. There were horrific shrieks from wild animals and storm clouds with fierce thunderbolts were everywhere. Still, he proceeded until he reached a sign that said 'Hell". Behind him, the path disappeared and there was no retreat. Before him was a depressing place dark and stormy, full of inhabitants living in run- down shacks. The people lived in constant fear of attacks from the animals and roaming gangs which stole whatever they could get their hands on. Everywhere he went he was told this was a land cursed by the devil, and that things are going to get worse for all eternity."

"Dave thought long and hard within himself. 'I promised myself I would not retreat from this path and make the best of it. I refuse to listen to these voices of doom. Within myself there is no Hell and my conscience is clear, so why should there be Hell on the outside?"

"From that point on, Dave went forth in confidence and taught the people they did not have to live in the run-down shacks, and that they could change their circumstances so they would not have to live in fear. He also questioned their belief the land was cursed by the devil. A handful of people took hope and listened, but the rest were afraid and even looked upon Dave as an enemy, fearing he would make things even worse than they were."

"Dave gathered the people who would listen. They refused to accept the slum they were given as a final resting place and made blueprints of new beautiful homes. The best land they could find was an uninhabited swamp. They drained it and built their homes and a beautiful city with teeming gardens and landscapes. The gangs did not bother them, for the inhabitants supported and protected each other. The wild animals became friends, for the people nurtured them. Even the dark clouds and storms began to subside and bright, sunny days became a common sight."

"The people who were against Dave saw what had been accomplished and they took courage; one by one, other parts of Hell became transformed into beautiful cities and landscapes. After a period of time there was nothing but beauty and peace as far as the eye could see."

"Dave surveyed the now-beautiful land and came to a realization: One more thing needs to be done. He walked over to the original entrance and found that old sign which read 'Hell', tore it down, and replaced it with one that said 'Heaven'. As he did, another path with a fork in it appeared and so did the man in white. His look caught Dave's eye and he said, 'I think you know what you must do'."

"Dave looked back and said, 'I see I must choose again'."

"'Correct'. said the man."

"Before I proceed, can you tell me the fate of the other three?'"

"The man answered: 'Ron is in a city that resembles the place you have created. He has one regret: he wishes he had a part in creating it. When that desire becomes strong enough he will be given another path to choose and will wind up in a place called 'Hell'. as you did, and be given an opportunity to build Heaven."

"Jim and Mike are still paralyzed with fear, afraid to make a decision. They are the ones who are truly in Hell, yet sooner or later they must proceed onward."

"And what lies ahead for me?' asked Dave."

"The unknown', said the man."

"The statement made Dave afraid, yet excited at the same time. And with no hesitation, he proceeded on the path leaning to the right."

This is my all time favorite inspirational story. I hope everyone is now ready to meet the challenges ahead as we work together to create the long awaited Golden Age on Earth.

The Vishwa Amara Blog

Steve recently began posting from the Vishwa Amara blog and it caught my eye, as I haven't come across many channels from India posting in English. I know many of my readers are Indian and would be interested in the Indian perspective on 2012 and the Golden Age.

Kavitha and Karthik channel messages from the Sapta Rishis. I believe these are the Rishis that provided the content that went into the creation of all of the Hindu scriptures (Vedas, Upanishads, etc.). However, since that time much has changed regarding God's plan for the Earth. For example, the four Yuga system is ending. Krishna had stated that the Golden Age would only last for 10,000 years, but now the Sapta Rishis are saying the Golden Age will be permanent upon the Earth. This is consistent with the Founders and other sources through western channels. The following is from the post Light Age: An Introduction.

The four Yugas were created differently so that there would be equal opportunities for Good and Evil to flourish. While Goodness and Spiritual glory flourished in the Sathya Yuga, it would be the reign of darkness and stark materialism in the Kali yuga, with some shades and combinations of these two forces in the other two ages. The Supreme Intelligence—God, who created these forces of Good and Evil, ensured this division of time for the play of these forces on our earth, as in the rest of His creation.

The balance in creation which existed because of the interplay of these two opposite forces was gradually eroded over a period of many Mahayugas, because Evil began to gain prominence and started dominating the forces of Goodness. This domination has increased this Kaliyuga onwards. And God observed that the Rishis, who govern and take care of the entire Creation on his behalf had to work beyond their capacities and expectations in order to set right this balance. This necessitated a revision in the laws of creation.

The Supreme Intelligence had a meeting with a batch of select Rishis – Maharshis Vishwamitra, Vasishta, Mangala Brahma, Vajreshwari and Kapila. It was concluded in that meeting that the repetition of the four Yugas would result in more harm and further damage to our Earth. They decided to abolish the other three Yugas and have only Sathya Yuga or Light Age on this earth henceforth, from this transitory period onwards.

In addition to this change with the Yugas, there are many other changes from what is given in the scriptures, so I encourage everyone who currently relies on the scriptures as a source of truth to check out the Vishwa Amara blog.

However, in terms of the quality and completeness of the information given, my preference remains with the Founders, which I'll dive more deeply into shortly.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The 2012 Scenario Blog

Steve Beckow has probably created the best 2012 news blog on the internet. He collects all of the available channeled material as well as material from journalists/reporters with real world evidence and produces about 80 postings per week on matters relevant to the unfolding 2012 scenario.

With a volume of 80 messages per week it is easy to miss something if you rely on simply visiting his web site, and if you subscribe by email, you will be flooded with messages. So I find the best way to subscribe to his blog is with Google Reader. I've also made sure my postings here also appear well formatted in Google Reader. It's a great way to read all of your blogs in one place.

My feeling is that much of what is posted by Steve (and myself) will begin to go mainstream this fall.