Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All I See Is Part of Me

All I See Is Part of Me

Chara Curtis has written a wonderful children's book on Enlightenment. Even though "All I See Is Part of Me" is a children's book, adults will find much to enjoy and contemplate. The perfect gift for that rainbow child in your life!

I am part of all I see,
And all I see is part of me.
I am my hands, I am my feet.
I am the puppy across the street.
I am the moon, I am the stars.
I'm even found in candy bars!
I used to think that I was small...
A little body, that was all.
But then one day I asked the Sun,
"Who are you?" He beamed, "We are one."
"But Mr. Sun, how is this true?
How can I be both me and you?"
He smiled,"You might ask your Sister Star.
She, too is part of who you are."
And so I waited 'til the night,
When darkness let me see her light.
"Sister Star, how can it be
That I am you and you are me?"
She glowed, "You're larger than you know;
You are everyplace there is to go.
You have a body, this is true...
But look at what's inside of you!"
I closed my eyes to see within.
I saw a light! It made me grin.
It reminded me of Sister Star.
She said,"That light is who you are.
Your body is just a little part
Of the light that shines within your heart."
"In all the world, in all of space,
Your light shines bright....It's everyplace!
And when you join it dot-to-dot,
You'll see that you is what you've got!"
"All the plants, the animals and trees
Are in your light...and you are these.
Look inside each one you meet,
And see your light....It's so complete!"
"Inside, outside, below, above...
See your light and feel its love.
You're asking you when you ask me,
So you know everything, don't you see?"
I looked again at all my light
And saw that Sister Star was right.
For every question there could be
The answer is inside of me.
All I ever had to do
Was ask the part of me that knew.
And then I said, "There's something more...
Each question opens up a door.
And every door that I walk through
Leads to a part of me that's new!"
"Thank you so much, Sister Star!
I love the part of me you are."
I wondered as I climbed in bed,
"Does all of me sleep when I rest my head?"
And then a voice...I guess was me...
Replied and spoke most lovingly,
"Even when you sleep, you are
Awake in every shining star."
I snuggled with my teddy bear,
And in his light, I saw me there.
"You are me, and I am you.
You love me....I love you, too!"
I closed my eyes and found my light
Dancing with moonbeams in the night.
I said a prayer I know was heard,
'Cause all that is hears every word!
And I can see In all of me
That there can be
No end...

All I See Is Part of Me,
Copyright (c) 1989, 1994 by Chara Curtis.
Used with permission.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Manduki Kriya (kriya 8)

This is the eighth of the twenty Kundalini Kriyas of Kriya Yoga. If you have not completed my free online course, please download and complete that first.

This kriya requires a change in sitting position to Bhadrasana. Eyes are open and when ready, practice Nasikagra Drishti. Breathe normally. With inhalation, the breath flows through both nostrils and merges at the eyebrow center. With exhalation, the breath flows from the eyebrow center and out through both nostrils. Be aware of all smells. Smell the aroma of the astral body which is said to have the scent of sandalwood.

Continue for 1 to 3 minutes, then go to the next kriya.

A video describing and demonstrating this kriya is presented below.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Answer (book 2 chapter 8)

In this chapter Anastasia and Vladimir are discussing the possibility of a global catastrophe. Vladimir appears to be a believer in the biblical apocalypse and demands an answer from Anastasia.

"But when will it happen on a global scale - when will the apocalypse come?"

"It might occur in 2002, for example. But it can be prevented, or delayed, as happened in 1992."

"You mean to say it might have come to pass in 1992?"

"Yes, but they delayed it."

"Who are 'they'? Who averted it? Who delayed it?"

"A catastrophe on a global scale in 1992 was averted thanks to the dachniks."


"There are all sorts of people all over the world who are working against global disaster. The 1992 catastrophe did not happen mainly thanks to the Russian dachniks."

"And you... that means you!... Even at six years old you were aware of the dachniks' significance? You foresaw it? You worked non-stop. You helped them."

"I understood the dachniks' significance, Vladimir."

"But why Russian dachniks in particular? What's the connection here?"

"You see, Vladimir, even though the Earth is very large, it is very, very sensitive.

"Think of how big you are by comparison with a tiny mosquito. And yet, when a mosquito lands on you, you feel it through your skin. And the Earth also feels - everything. When people pave it over with concrete and asphalt, when they cut down trees and burn the forests growing on it, when they pick and poke at its innards and sprinkle it with powder called fertiliser, it feels the hurt. And yet still it loves people, as a mother loves her children.

"And the Earth tries to absorb into its depths all humanity's anger, and only when it no longer has the strength to hold it back, that anger explodes in the form of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

"The Earth needs our help. Tenderness and a loving attitude give it strength. The Earth may be large, bit it is most sensitive. And it feels the tender caress of even a single human hand. Oh, how it feels and anticipates this touch!

"There was a time in Russia when the Earth was deemed to belong to everyone and therefore nobody in particular. So people did not think of it as their own. Then changes came in Russia. They began giving out tiny private plots to people to go with their dachas.

"It was no coincidence at all that these plots were extremely small, too small to cultivate with mechanised equipment. But Russians, yearning for contact with the Earth, took to them with joyous enthusiasm. They went to people both poor and rich. Because nothing can break Man's connection with the Earth!

"After obtaining their little plots of land, people intuitively felt their worth. And millions of pairs of human hands began touching the Earth with love. With their hands, you understand, not with mechanised tools, lots and lots of people touched the ground caressingly on these little plots. And the Earth felt this, it felt it very much. It felt the blessing touch of each individual hand upon it. And the Earth found new strength to carry on."

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Maha Bheda Mudra (kriya 7)

This is the seventh of the twenty Kundalini Kriyas of Kriya Yoga. If you have not completed my free online course, please download and complete that first.

This kriya continues directly from the last kriya. Eyes are open, breath is fully exhaled, tongue is in Kechari Mudra, head is drooped forward, and your focus is on Mooladhara. Mentally repeat "Mooladhara" three times then begin Ujjayi inhalation while moving your concentration along the Arohan passage up the front of the body through the Kshetrams. It is optional to mentally repeat the name of each Kshetram as you pass by it: Swadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddhi. At Vishuddhi, move your head up and droop it back as your concentration reaches Bindu. Hold your breath and mentally repeat "Bindu" three times.

Begin Ujjayi exhalation, move your head to a forward facing position and close your eyes in Unmani Mudra while moving your concentration along the Awarohan passage down the back of the body through the Chakras. Optionally, repeat the name of each Chakra as you pass by it: Ajna, Vishuddhi, Anahata, Manipura, Swadhisthana, Mooladhara.

At Mooladhara, practice Jalandhara Bandha, Moola Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha and Nasikagra Drishti while holding your breath out. Mentally repeat, "Nasikagra - Uddiyana - Mool", while at the same time shifting your awareness to the center of these practices. When you say "Nasikagra", your awareness should be fixed at the nose tip. When you say "Uddiyana", your awareness should be fixed at the navel. When you say "Mool", your awareness should be fixed at the perineum (male) or cervix (female). Repeat this shifting of awareness 3 times, then release in order: Nasikagra Drishti, Moola Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha and finally Jalandhara Bandha, but keep your head drooped forward and the breath held out.

With your focus on Mooladhara begin the next round. Complete six rounds, then go to the next kriya.

A video describing and demonstrating this kriya is presented below.