Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Founders on the 5D Timeline

This post continues from my last post where the 4D timeline was covered. In this post I present what the Founders have to say about the 5D timeline.

Those that are able to move completely into fifth density will experience the fifth dimensional version of Earth. Like yourselves, Earth is a multidimensional being of light manifesting as a planet rather than a humanoid or star. Her dominant frequency will move from third to fourth density, and so those of you who go through ascension will essentially be fifth density beings living on a fourth density world, or shall we say fifth density beings living in the fourth dimension. You will also have the ability to experience the fifth dimensional version of Earth simultaneously.

Again, we apologize for the limited scope of your language, as this is not the most ideal way to describe this. As fifth density beings living in the fourth dimension of time/space, you will have certain advantages over the fourth density beings living in the fourth dimension. While they will still grow old and die, reincarnating over and over as fourth density beings until they ascend off the wheel of reincarnation, you will be in your immortal crystalline light bodies. For a while, you will still be visible to fourth density humans, but eventually you will increase your frequency sufficiently to become invisible even to fourth density. Only the clairvoyant and telepathic members of the "golden age" will be able to interact with you at that point.

As fifth density teachers and wayshowers, you will guide and instruct the leaders of the fourth density world in the ways of spirit, love and compassion. You will also interface with the enlightened ETs that will come and go openly from the Earth plane. Many of the ETs currently assisting Earth are already vibrating at fourth and fifth densities and it will become very easy for them to interact with humans on Earth after the shift. The number of souls likely to choose the fifth density timeline are between 10 million and 30 million.

So here we finally have mention of ETs, and contact with them appears to be primarily for those in 5D, but after the shift it may include those in 4D as well. The key point being that open contact will likely not take place with those that choose to remain in 3D.

Out of 6.8 billion people on Earth only 10-30 million will ascend to 5D. That is a mere 0.4% and there is just 18 months left to prepare for and be part of the first wave. The key, as I have repeated innumerable times, is to have a disciplined daily spiritual practice. For me, that is Kriya Yoga (see Label "yoga" in the right column), but you may prefer Inelia Benz's Spiritual Ascension 101 Course, or any other equivalent practice. Find a practice and start practicing today!

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