Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Earth History (part 10)

This is the tenth and final post on the history of the Earth based on the book: "Earth Changes and 2012: Messages From the Founders". For the final chapter in this series, the Founders present the story of Jesus. The picture above is Mary Magdalene and Jesus depicted as married. It is from a stained glass window of a Dervaig, Scotland church, circa 1908. Use the link below to read the full message at the author`s web site.

The Founders on Earth History Part 10

The soul known as Jesus was a direct fragment of the Sananda lineage. In other words, Sananda was the oversoul of Jesus. Sananda, having watched as humankind once again floundered in sorrow and ignorance, and having a desire to intervene in the affairs of man in a way that respected free will, incarnated in approximately 39 B.C., as the son of Joseph and Mary. This much is in general agreement with the biblical story. Jesus' birth date was approximately March 31st.

Lord Sananda, an eighth density celestial being, incarnated as Jeshua, or Joshua, depending on whose translation you use. Being from eighth density, he retained many of his spiritual abilities, despite the very dense environment he was born into. As a young child he was very psychic and foresaw many of the events that would later come to pass. Mary and Joseph were at odds with the political establishment to some degree, and they were NOT married when Mary became pregnant. The "virgin birth" story is made up. Certain ET factions have the capabilities of impregnating women without going through normal sexual means, but in this case Jeshua came in through normal means.

To avoid the social and political consequences of giving birth out of wedlock, and to remove themselves from the oppressive beliefs of the authorities, Mary and Joseph migrated toward Galilee, and eventually near the Dead Sea, where they briefly took refuge with the Essenes. Mary and Joseph left Jeshua in their care and returned to Galilee. Jeshua later joined the Essene Order. He spent three years building temples and housing for the Essenes, while attending their sacred teachings and learning the Essene way. Along the banks of the Dead Sea, Jeshua learned to have respect for Mother Earth and had a hand in helping bring the much-needed rain, scarce in that region. The Essenes were strict vegetarians and taught a respect for all life forms. They were regarded as strange and anti-social by the governments of the land, but were left largely alone, as they seemed to pose no threat, and always paid their taxes, even though they did not believe in such matters.

When Jeshua turned about 16, he and a group of fellow Essenes traveled East to India, where he met several Indian gurus and saints. He studied for about two years with a guru, who taught him a great deal about the mysteries of life. When he returned (and during a dangerous visit to see his parents in Galilee), he met and fell in love with Mary Magdalene, who was a dancer and entertainer, and only very briefly prostituted herself when times were tough. Mary M and Jeshua were deeply in love with each other and had a child. Because they were not married, they too became social outlaws. Some of Jeshua's Essene friends allowed Mary M to stay at the temples with Jeshua, against the rules of the elders. Jeshua, Mary M and their young son traveled to India a second time, where the child was blessed by the gurus. Word got out that Mary M had an illegitimate child, although nobody seemed to know the father (outside of the Essenes). Fearing for the child's life, Mary M and Jeshua left the child temporarily in the care of an Indian saint, and returned to Galilee. It was a few years later before they could return to India, and although they missed their son terribly, they knew he was all right.

Mary M and Jeshua paid another visit to their son a few years later, but he remained in the care of the Indian saints when they returned. The political climate was too unstable to risk bringing the child back with them to Galilee. Despite the short time they spent with their son, their influence helped him greatly as he grew up in India. Their son became a wise sage and his teachings added significantly to the climate of India.

Jeshua received several visions from spirit and his soul family and was told to teach higher spiritual principles to anyone who would listen sincerely. He began teaching earnestly in his late twenties, and gathered quite a following. At one point he had about fifty disciples. He and Mary M kept their relationship and child a complete secret, not even discussing this with the closest disciples. Being highly clairvoyant, Jeshua saw that the authorities would eventually kill him, but he was told by his own God Self to stay his course and teach as many people as possible the ways of spirit.

Jeshua's teachings were highly distorted in the Bible, but a few truths managed to get through. He taught that we are all created in the image and likeness of our Creator, and that we all have the abilities he demonstrated. He taught us to love one another and to forgive our enemies. He did NOT teach that the way to God was through him alone. Several of his disciples learned how to use their spiritual gifts of healing and clairvoyance, and there are ample stories in the Bible of John going on to perform similar healings. The story of Jeshua's involvement in the Melchizedek priesthood is also in the Bible, in Hebrews Chapter 7. Once Jeshua reached a certain level of awareness, his cosmic family in the celestial realms began communicating with him and reminding him of his position within the Melchizedek priesthood.

When Jeshua was brought to the cross, he immediately left his body consciously, instead of suffering for three days as is taught erroneously. During his life he continually "forgave them for they knew not what they did". After leaving his body, he holographically projected himself back into human form to appear to his disciples and Mary M on numerous occasions. The body left the tomb because grave robbers stole it. He had no need to resurrect it, as he was already able to materialize a new body once he returned to eighth density.

Lord Sananda has fragmented his soul several more times throughout history. At the present time, there are eight fragments of Sananda on the Earth. Some of these souls believe they are Jesus, and to a certain extent they are correct. All great souls are capable of fragmenting themselves dozens of times in order to do service work on lower density planets. Usually oversouls fragment into 12 souls at a time, but this is not set in stone. Many fragments remain in the higher densities to guide the fragments in the lower worlds. The term “fragment” does not mean incomplete or partial. Each of these fragments is a complete and sovereign being. This channel uses the cell dividing analogy to explain this in his writings.

The "Second Coming of Christ" refers to the return to Christ consciousness, or the celestial consciousness of higher densities. This was correctly interpreted by your Paramahansa Yogananda and many other yogis and saints. As most of you know, traditional Christianity has very little to do with the teachings of Jeshua, and a whole lot to do with sin and guilt. Fortunately, many souls are expanding their awareness beyond these primitive beliefs. We the Founders are grateful to see so many truly doing the "greater works" that Jeshua taught.


  1. where do Krishana and Rama fit in the earth history?

  2. Good question. I asked Sal, who said he will ask the Founders. I'll let you know.

  3. Is mahavatar babaji and sanata kumara same?
    Who is at density 10, 11, 12 ?

  4. Discovery of fossil 'Archaeopteryx' half bird half reptile was a great discovery, and should be mentioned here.

  5. There are two kriyas in the world right now, babaji's kriya yoga & Shri shri's Sudarshan Kriya. Both are equally powerful.

  6. >Is mahavatar babaji and sanata kumara same?

    It's possible, but I haven't read it anywhere, and my feeling is that they are different.

    >Who is at density 10, 11, 12 ?

    The Founders claim to be at 12D, but they do not mention anyone else at 12D, 11D or 10D interacting with the Earth.

  7. >Discovery of fossil 'Archaeopteryx'

    The purpose of this history was to present things that are not known or accepted as truth. The 'Archaeopteryx' is already well documented and accepted as truth.

  8. >There are two kriyas in the world right now

    Actually, there are more. I'll be posting next about Paramahamsa Nithyananda's eN-Kriya next.

  9. Thank you very much for the answers. This we site is very new to me but I am impressed with the depth of knowledge it has.
    I googled 'Sal'and was amazed to find that he lives where I live, Flagstaff/Sedona AZ

  10. Be careful when quoting Nithyananda, he was recently involved in a sex scandal video and many have turned away from him.

  11. >I googled 'Sal' and was amazed to find that he
    >lives where I live, Flagstaff/Sedona AZ

    There are no coincidences :)

    >Be careful when quoting Nithyananda

    Thanks for the heads up. I just posted on this.

  12. Any idea which great avatar was at density 8 and 9. Who was Buddha? Are 8 fragments of sanada still with us.

  13. who was moses? Is yeshua of moses same as jesus as their names are same.

  14. For info on Avatars, see this post.

    Yeshua, Jeshua, and Jesus are the same, but Moses is different. The Founders skipped Moses in their history, but you can google him to see who he was.

  15. Thank for the info! When did we start as amoebas and other sea life. Seems like man had evolved as homospiens during the big flood 10 million years ago. Were ancient indian rishis and sages from pleides.

  16. According to the Founders, humans didn't evolve as scientists think, we began as higher spiritual beings that incarnated into lower life forms. See Earth History parts 1 and 2 for details.

    Re: Indian Rishis, I'll ask Sal on his return from Peru.