Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Validating the Galactic Shift

It has been almost two years since the Precessional Alignment of December 21, 2012 and starting in 2015 the peak period of the Galactic Shift begins. It coincides with the Mass Ascension as discussed in my post on the Divine Dispensations.

The Mass Ascension Dispensation was issued in 1950 and removes the requirement of needing to have most of your soul fragments reassembled in order to activate the Ascension transformation. If you remember from part 2, the Galactic Shift also began in 1950, so looking at the combined view we see that prior to 1950, the Earth was conducive to the 3D/4D human form, but during the Galactic Shift transformation it will gradually cease to support 3D human life. After 2100 it will only support the 4D physical human form as well as the new 5D etheric human form. Of course, as before, higher density beings will still be able to incarnate on Earth, but 3D humans will no longer be able to survive. The peak of this transition occurs between the years 2015 and 2035, when most humans will either evolve to 4D/5D or leave the Earth and incarnate on another planet still suitable for 3D human life. As discussed in part 1, the primary distinguishing characteristic between a 4D human and a 3D human is Love. The only emotion felt and expressed by a 4D human is Love. This is all that is required for you to move with the Earth into the Golden Age, and the way to purify your emotions is with a daily spiritual practice.

I was thinking about the best way to validate that the Galactic Shift is actually happening. Of course the final validation happens in 2035 when most of the world has arrived at the Golden Age, but what can we measure in the mean time to see if we are progressing in the right direction? For the Precessional Alignment, I looked at the magnetic field fluctuations on that day and determined that the prediction had failed. For the Galactic Shift we could also look at magnetic field fluctuations, or stock market fluctuations, weather fluctuations, but I think the statistic with the most impact will be world population fluctuations.

The chart below is from worldometers, and shows the current projected world population growth up to the year 2100. I've highlighted at the top that on July 1, 2024 the population is expected to be 8.01 billion.

The Black Death of the 1300's wiped out 30% to 60% of Europe's population, and the Galactic Shift is expected to do the same, except on a worldwide basis. In my post on the coming medical crisis, the Founders list the primary means of exit for 3D souls.

...an increased rate of allergies, chemical reactions, debilitating viruses, sensitivities to bacteria, molds, fungi, and other "environmental illnesses," as well as long-term cancers, heart and lung conditions. So-called "exotic bugs" will surface, which are really just hybrid viruses and bacteria that are able to penetrate the weakening immune system of humans.

The Founders predict that the population will stop growing in the early part of the shift and then go into decline. So in the coming years the slope of the curve on the above chart should flatten such that the predicted date for reaching 8 billion continues to get pushed out. Since 2024 is approximately half way through the shift, the population should already be in decline by then, so my criteria for the prediction failing will be if the population doesn't decline and instead crosses 8 billion as currently predicted by worldometers.

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