Sunday, November 3, 2013

Kriya Secrets Revealed

J.C. Stevens has written an excellent book on the Kriya Yoga of Lahiri Mahasaya called "Kriya Secrets Revealed: Complete Lessons and Techniques". It is similar to the free book by Ennio Nimis except that it presents the practices in an easy to follow lesson format. I share many of JC's views regarding spiritual development. Here is a quote regarding the importance of inner guidance.

For me, breaking the secrecy and leaving organizational attitudes behind was the key to my new found spiritual successes. I have often said that it was at this point in my journey that I started to grow up (spiritually). I was more willing to experiment with practicing different meditation techniques, and more able to discover which methods brought out the most satisfactory results for me as a unique individual. I also let my intuition guide me and tailor my practice of Kriya Yoga. It is in these moments that I feel the invisible hand of my Inner Guide. I trust that by breaking free from organization-imposed limitations, and by listening more to your intuition, you too will experience heretofore unimaginable spiritual progress.

Below are the lessons given in the book.

LESSON 1 - Find Your Meditation Seat
LESSON 2 - Nadi Sodhana Pranayama
LESSON 3 - Ujjayi Pranayama
LESSON 4 - Concentration
LESSON 5 - Talabya Kriya
LESSON 6 - Locate the Chakras
LESSON 7 - Om Japa in the Chakras

First Kriya Initiation

LESSON 8 - Kriya Pranayama I
LESSON 9 - Maha Mudra
LESSON 10 - Navi Kriya
LESSON 11 - Yoni Mudra
LESSON 12 - Mantra (Japa Yoga)
LESSON 13 - Mental Kriya
LESSON 14 - Kechari Mudra
LESSON 15 - Kriya Pranayama II
LESSON 16 - Short Breath Kriya Pranayama
LESSON 17 - Shambhavi Mudra
LESSON 18 - Kriya Pranayama III

Additional Practices

LESSON 19 - Mula Bandha
LESSON 20 - Jalandhara Bandha
LESSON 21 - Uddiyana Bandha
LESSON 22 - Bhastrika Pranayama
LESSON 23 - Sushumna Sodhana
LESSON 24 - Basic Walking Techniques

The Higher Kriyas (Omkar Kriyas)

LESSON 25 - First Omkar Kriya
LESSON 26 - Thokar Kriya
LESSON 27 - Continuous-Thokar Kriya
LESSON 28 - Gayatri Kriya
LESSON 29 - Tribhanga-Silent Kriya
LESSON 30 - Tribhanga-Mantric Kriya
LESSON 31 - Tribhanga-Thokar Kriya
LESSON 32 - Micro-Tribhanga Silent Kriya
LESSON 33 - Micro-Tribhanga Mantric Kriya


  1. Hello, Manoj!

    I've been following your blog for a few years and first of all, I'd like to congratulate you for your dedication and for your help building those courses. They're really helpful for the beginner.

    I came to know you work because of the book "a Systematic Course..". It still stands as the best and most resourceful book i've ever read by far. It's a kind of a life guide to me. Even after all these years I can't seem to find anything so throrough and straight to the point.

    So, I was always curious to know the difference between the Kriya taught by SRF, by Satyananda and by those who claim to have rescued it from the teachings of Lahiri Mahasaya. The approach described by Stevens really resonate with me, as I am the self-taught no-guru kind of person (but that may change with the circumstances, you never know).

    All the best to you!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Flavio! And I agree completely regarding both " A Systematic Course..." and the self-taught approach. All the best!

  2. God bless you for your hard work!

  3. Thank you for your generous gift of knowledge. I am following and learning. I am grateful and thankful. I look forward to learning more. Peace to you.

  4. Thank you a thousand times over for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us.

  5. Hello Manoj,
    I don't have the book, do you think it's necessary or would it suffice following your videos?
    Thank you for your excellent material!

  6. My videos are enough for the core techniques, but the book provides alternate techniques as well as a lot of supplementary information.

  7. Thank you very much Manoj, there are hundred of yoga courses on line, but I found yours to be the best for me. Outstanding work.