Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Founders on Zero-Point Energy

The image above is of the Lutec Electricity Amplifier. Sal and the Founders mention it as one example of a zero point energy device. The following excerpt is from chapter 10 Technological Advances, in the book "Earth Awakens: Prophecy 2012 - 2030".

Most zero-point devices make use of circular or toroidal iron-core magnets carefully placed around coils and a DC motor. The object of the machine is to generate areas of non-polarized EM energy, often called scalar EM fields, by passing a current through the coil while the magnet is rotating. The initial rotation would be achieved by "kick-starting" the device with a simple 12V battery (or something similar). As the magnet turns around the coil, the EM field generated along the coil interacts with and feeds back into the loop with the magnetic field of the magnet. Because electric and magnetic poles within an EM system are 90 degrees out of phase, the velocity (angular momentum) of the system will cause fluctuations within the two fields. Sometimes they will cancel each other out, and at other times the fields will combine their energy.

As the magnet rotates, you will have 0-90-180-90-0-90-180-90 etc., as your angles of incidence. As the DC current moves along the coil, the system creates a polarized field which interacts with the rotating magnet. Essentially, you will have periodic interactions of plus-plus, plus-minus, minus-minus, minus-plus, plus-plus, etc. At the midway point between the plus and minus charges of the polarized field, you cross the zero point where there is temporarily a perfectly balanced polarity (albeit lasting a few microseconds during each magnetic rotation).

Through varying the velocity of the magnet and designing it with the right geometrical precision, you can enlarge the zero-point "windows" and direct the energy that tunnels through the windows onto a collector plate. The usual configuration is to re-route the energy from the collector plate back into the system, essentially replacing the 12V battery with a "perpetual motion" machine. With proper design, the energy collected from the vacuum (really, the etheric realm) will far exceed the 12V nominal value, thus resulting in over-unity, or the ability to produce more energy out than what goes in.

The Founders go on to state that the devices available today are only slightly over-unity due primarily to the current level of consciousness on Earth, but they say by 2015 the consciousness level would have risen to a point where these devices can be used to power homes and cars.

I had the pleasure to meet Thane Heins earlier this year and get a live demonstration of his zero point energy device.

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