Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Than Entertainment?

I'll start this post with a quote from "Conversations with God" for you to consider.

So go ahead now. Ask Me anything. Anything. I will contrive to bring you the answer. The whole universe will I use to do this. So be on the lookout. This book is far from My only tool. You may ask a question, then put this book down. But watch. Listen. The words to the next song you hear. The information in the next article you read. The story line of the next movie you watch. The chance utterance of the next person you meet. Or the whisper of the next river the next ocean, the next breeze that caresses your ear—all these devices are Mine; all these avenues are open to Me. I will speak to you if you will listen. I will come to you if you will invite Me. I will show you then that I have always been there. All ways.

Fictional movies, books and television shows in a few select cases have given me a sense that they have a broad spiritual message for humanity. So if you have not yet completely given up on these sources of entertainment, then I have some recommendations for you.

The movie "Avatar" contains the subtle message that planets are living beings, to be respected rather than exploited. This is perhaps the most important message that people entering the Golden Age will need to understand. The book "The Hunger Games" contains the subtle message of how to survive the end of civilization. If the Founders are correct, millions will face the same situation as Katniss in just a few years time, but rather than face it with despair, Katniss shows how simple hunter/gatherer skills combined with bartering can enable you to survive. In that vein, I plan to start a series of posts on wild edibles in the near future. Finally, the television show "Avatar: The Last Airbender" contains the subtle message that higher spiritual beings take birth on occasion to restore balance to the planet. The sequel "The Legend of Korra" also looks promising.

To reach a wide audience, these messages are then wrapped in a highly entertaining package filled with action, adventure, romance and drama. Presented as harmless fiction, the message enters the subconscious of the audience without them fully realizing what has taken place - a shift in consciousness. This strategy has likely been used since ancient times, and can even be seen in the great mythological epics from cultures around the world.

In India, one such mythological epic is know as The Mahabharata, which contains plenty of action, adventure, romance and drama on the surface, but at its heart contains one of the greatest spiritual scriptures in the world: The Bhagavad Gita. So starting shortly, I will begin presenting my interpretation of that epic story in the hopes of creating a highly entertaining package with a subtle spiritual message hidden within.

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