Monday, April 23, 2012

Diet for Ascension

This post continues on from my previous post on diet, Diet for the Golden Age, with additional details for those planning to ascend to 5D. It is based on the information given by the Founders in their last book "Earth Awakens: Prophecy 2012 - 2030". Here is their summary table:

Dietary Stages on the Path of Ascension

  • Pure ingestion of prana life force (no air, water or food)
  • Breatharian (ingestion of air only, no food or water)
  • Water only (no ingestion of food)
  • Liquid supergreens, liquid vitamins and minerals only
  • Raw vegetable juice fasting
  • Raw vegan diet (fresh vegetables and some fresh fruit)
  • Vegan unprocessed (fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds)
  • Vegan processed (includes grains, sugars, caffeine, etc.)
  • Vegetarian (includes dairy and eggs)
  • Partial vegetarian (no red meat or dairy products)
  • Mostly omnivore (everything except red meat)
  • Omnivore (all types of food)
  • Junk food diet (fast food, mostly fried and processed)

The above list appears to be slightly contradictory in places, such as between the "Vegetarian" and "Partial vegetarian" stages, where the lower one removes dairy, while the higher one includes it. The description of Omnivore appears to be the same as the Junk food diet, perhaps with "less processed" being implied. I have never met anyone following the "Partial vegetarian" option, unless it was due to a dairy allergy, so I would probably remove this line and make "no red meat" the first major change to a higher vibration diet.

As your vibration rises through a daily spiritual practice, you will naturally leave behind food of a lower vibration. In my opinion, forcing a higher vibration diet prior to being ready for it will lead to cravings as the body will not be receiving what it requires, so I suggest to let it happen naturally through a spiritual practice. After leaving red meat, the next major step is to leave all meat products except dairy and eggs. I believe this would be the 4D diet that everyone in the Golden Age would expected to reach.

The "Vegan processed" diet includes sugars and caffeine which I feel could be left behind much sooner in the process. For me the move to Vegan first involves leaving behind eggs, then dairy and finally grains. This is "Vegan unprocessed" and another major milestone. In the text, they mention chia and hemp seeds as being extremely beneficial, which I tried in the form of Holy Crap. For the next step we leave behind nuts and seeds, and even cooking, as we move to a raw food only diet. In the step after that we now leave fruits and are down to just vegetables.

The next step introduces a term I had never heard before "liquid supergreens". They qualify this in the text as spirulina and chlorella. Again, two foods I had never heard of, but am now consuming daily. I tried Amazing Grass for two months and am now giving Greens+ a try.

The remaining steps require little explanation. First we leave behind all food and are consuming only water, then we leave even water and are down to just air. I would also add sunlight as a key source of nutrition for the body at this stage, and in fact for all stages. I believe this would be the 5D diet required for Ascension. The final stage is the post Ascension diet of pure prana only. This will truly be automatic and require no thought or effort on our part.

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