Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Future Timeline Overview (chapter 1)

In this post I'm going to summarize the first chapter from the book "Earth Awakens: Prophecy 2012 - 2030". Here is how it starts.

Your food is organic. Your water is pure, sweet and clear. Your medicine is a combination of the best that technology has to offer, tempered with common sense and a return to natural, herbal remedies. All are freely provided by loving supportive souls.

The first page continues to describe the idyllic life of the Golden Age, before delving into the details of how we got there. The story is told like a flashback with vivid and detailed descriptions of exactly what happened. Beginning from sometime in 2012 when preparations begin in earnest for ceremonies and celebrations of the passage through the December 21, 2012 portal. The Founders describe the gathering of Lightworkers at sacred spots around the world, whether on top of mountains or in the desert, they gather for three days, beginning on December 20th and ending on the 22nd.

They bring their food, water, tents, portable toilets and generators; and for three days they enjoy story telling, singing, dancing, praying, sacred rituals, meditation, and so on; then when it is over, they go back to their jobs and lives they had left behind. The world of wars, poverty, disaster, propaganda, corruption, consumerism, mindless entertainment, etc. was still there just as before, but they no longer saw it in the same way for they had changed.

Those on the 4D path could no longer relate to family and friends, and it became clear who would be making the journey into the higher planes and who would not. The newly awakened Lightworkers experienced greatly improved health and well-being. They felt alive, vibrant and full of energy, while others around them appeared to be empty shells simply going through the motions of life.

In addition, those on the 5D path, could see that the woods were alive with creatures of all shapes and colors (nature spirits, faeries, devas, sprites, gnomes, animal spirits, plant spirits, etc.). Everything vibrated and shimmered, not just with light, but with consciousness. A profound sense of Oneness permeated everything.

For the newly awakened all 3D habits fell away, like smoking, alcohol, prescription medicine, processed food, etc. The entire universe conspired in a way that almost pushed the newly awakened to join or start intentional communities with other like-minded souls, forcing them farther and farther away in mindset from family and friends committed to 3D reality.

By 2014, zero point energy devices that never worked consistently before, were now functioning better than ever in these newly forming intentional communities. Awakened souls were now spending all of their time in their intentional community, and many sold their properties in the city. The communities varied from single family homesteads to multifamily Eco-villages. The Founders provide a vivid picture of early life in these communities and the challenges that will need to be faced.

In the beginning, decisions were made by majority rule, then by consensus, and by 2015 or 2016 Councils of Light were formed where the members go into deep meditation and become One with each other, and simply know what the right decision is. Contact with ETs also began around this time, mostly from the Pleiades and Arcturus, with a few Sirians.

The comet of 2017 causes another ascension boost to push more souls from 3D to 4D and more from 4D to 5D. The 3D cities continued to be destroyed, while the 4D communities continued to flourish. The Founders talk about enlightened schooling for children, new farming methods, and alternative energy sources for those on the 4D path, while those ascending to 5D were gradually eliminating all need for food, water and shelter. The 5D souls were the teachers for the 4D souls and the members of the Councils of Light.

The passage of Nibiru in 2030 causes the final ascension boost of the Galactic Shift. The 5D to 9D Annunaki from Nibiru came to Earth and shared their wisdom and technology much more freely than they did with the Sumerians and Egyptians as they knew there was now no possibility for it to be misused. The few people remaining in 3D either left the Earth or joined the 4D communities. The population of the Earth was now somewhere between one to two billion people, spread out across thousands of intentional communities, with some as large as 100,000 souls.

During the years 2030 to 2100 the empty 3D cities were cleared away and replaced with 4D communities, such that the entire Earth became a 4D paradise. Also, those on the 5D path completed their ascension process.

...they radiated a beautiful golden halo or aura of Light that was clearly visible to the fourth density souls. Their telepathic and psychokinetic abilities continued to increase and they were now completely impervious to conditions in the Earth's environment. They walked in two worlds, the fourth density one of enlightened spiritual communities where they taught higher truths and were instruments of healing, and the fifth density world of the nature spirits, where they communed with various beings from all over the galaxy.

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