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Sal Rachele: 2012 - 2030

[Update: July 30, 2013] It seems the video referenced in this post has been removed, but the transcript below is still relevant so I'll leave the rest of the post as is.

Excellent video by Sal (channel for the Founders). Most of what he says I've covered on my site, but he does provide some additional details of what is going to happen over the next four years from 2012 to 2015. I will transcribe that part of the message starting from about the 44:30 mark.

It is likely that there will be major economic disruptions in most of the so called developed world, or first world countries. In the country that I reside in, the United States, the US dollar will likely lose most, if not all, of its value by the year 2015 and will be replaced by another currency.

Now if enough souls wake up, and there is some variability as to how many souls will still wake up, especially those in places/positions of government, the new currency may be a very enlightened one, backed by precious metals or based on a barter/trade system that is fair and equitable. It may be a wonderful opportunity for souls to move into a very different economic system, one based on peace and prosperity instead of lack and scarcity. But if enough souls don't wake up and the negativity is allowed to dominate, it could be a system set up to take away freedom and liberty from people.

So it's really going to depend a lot on the state of consciousness of the people of the country USA, and the same goes for the UK (United Kingdom), Germany, and many of the other countries - Japan, China. If the quality of the consciousness is raised sufficiently this transition into a new economy will happen in a beautiful, harmonious way rather than a destructive way.

Now that said, with 70 to 80 percent of the population still stuck in third density, it is likely there will be a lot of turmoil and upheaval as the economic system transitions. There will likely be bread lines; people waiting in line for basic supplies being sent to them by the governments of the various countries, or by private individuals depending on who responds to the crisis the best.

And there will likely be a breakdown of the global distribution system forcing people to rely more on the local agriculture, local energy, local trade and barter. The most valuable commodities in the years to come will be fresh fruits and vegetables - gardens, organic gardens, that are not tainted with genetically modified seeds.

And gold and silver will become more valuable than paper money, but they won't be as valuable as food because you can't eat gold and silver. So there will be a movement towards local organic farms, there already is, it's going to intensify, this movement towards the local and the organic. And for those who insist on eating heavily processed, genetically modified food, the immune systems will begin failing in those human beings.

That's not the only cause of immune system failure; the soul will literally prepare to leave the body, to find a way to exit the body if the soul is not ready to move into fourth density. It'll happen somewhat gradually, but not that gradually, it'll be very noticeable. The birth rate will only outdo the death rate up until about 2015, and then the population will stabilize somewhat and begin to decline as deaths outnumber births.

Now this will happen in two ways: there will be fewer people being born because of sterility among young females due to genetically modified organisms, toxic metals in the environment and other factors. And there will be more people dying due to immune system failures. So it works both ways and the crisscross point, the point where the deaths start outnumbering births on planet earth has been estimated to be somewhere around the year 2015.

And the peak population I've been told recently, that they've got it at about 7.8 billion; being the most number of humanity that will ever be on this earth. By the time this shift is over, around 2030, the population of earth will likely be somewhere between 1 and 2 billion, maybe 1.5 to 2 billion, somewhere in that range.

So it's pretty serious if you want to think of it as serious, it's pretty wonderful if you want to look at it as, "Oh all these souls get to go to other planets that are better suited to offer them what they want to learn." So it depends on how you look at it, yes it's a tragedy from a third density perspective, because at least for a while earth's going to be in a very...there's going to be a lot of sorrow and grief as people lose loved ones and things like that.

Sal's message hasn't changed and his prediction of 2015 being a key turning point is also given in his previous book "Earth Changes and 2012: Messages From the Founders", though not in as much detail. I've ordered his new book and will likely post from it as well as I go through it.

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