Saturday, January 15, 2011

Who Lights a New Star? (book 1 chapter 9)

This post continues my look at the Ringing Cedars Series with an excerpt from chapter 9 of the first book "Anastasia". My previous post was on chapter 1.

My view is that Anastasia's teachings present a view of 4D life in the Golden Age for those who choose the 4D path. Most channeled information only talks about the 5D path, but the Founders are very clear that a 4D path will also exist well into the future (I will post more about this later), and of course Anastasia also believes in a 4D future, though she doesn't use that terminology.

In this excerpt Vladimir and Anastasia are arguing about the nature of sex. In my opinion, this is similar to my previous post on eating. At a lower vibration, eating is mainly about satisfying the taste buds (sensual pleasure), but at a higher vibration it becomes more about nutrition, and at an even higher vibration, nutrition is obtained by another means altogether. Sex is no different. At a lower vibration, it is mainly about sensual pleasure, and at a higher vibration the focus evolves to procreation, then at an even higher level procreation is achieved by another means altogether.

For those who haven't read the book and plan to, please be warned that "spoilers" follow. During an experience of procreation from the previous night, Anastasia raised Vladimir's vibration, but Vladimir hasn't realized this yet.

"Oh, no, Anastasia, I doubt it. A normal man will always be aroused by a pretty woman's legs, her breasts... Especially when you're on a business trip or on holiday far away from your partner. That's the way things are. And nobody here will change anything, they won't do it any other way."

"But I did it with you."

"What did you do?"

"Now you are no longer able to indulge in that harmful sex."

All at once a terrible thought hit me like a flood, and started chasing away the magnificent feeling that had been born in me during the night.

"What have you done, Anastasia? What? I'm now... what - I'm now... impotent?"

"On the contrary, you have now become a real man. Only the usual sex will be repugnant to you. It does not bring what you experienced last night, and what you experienced last night is possible only when you desire to have a child and the woman wants the same from you. When she loves you."

"Loves? But under those conditions... That can happen only a few times during one's whole life!"

"I assure you, Vladimir, that is enough for your whole life to be happy. You will feel the same way eventually... People enter many times afresh into sexual interaction only through the flesh - not realizing that true satisfaction in the flesh is impossible to attain. A man and a woman who unite on every plane of existence, impelled by radiant inspiration, earnestly aspiring to the act of creation, experience tremendous satisfaction. The Creator gave this experience to Man alone. No transitory thing, this satisfaction, no! It never can compare with fleeting, fleshly gratification. As you cherish the feelings from it over time, all planes of being will, with influence sublime, happify your life and the woman too - a woman who can give birth to a creation in the Creator's own image and likeness, His design!

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