Thursday, September 2, 2010

The 2012 Scenario Blog

Steve Beckow has probably created the best 2012 news blog on the internet. He collects all of the available channeled material as well as material from journalists/reporters with real world evidence and produces about 80 postings per week on matters relevant to the unfolding 2012 scenario.

With a volume of 80 messages per week it is easy to miss something if you rely on simply visiting his web site, and if you subscribe by email, you will be flooded with messages. So I find the best way to subscribe to his blog is with Google Reader. I've also made sure my postings here also appear well formatted in Google Reader. It's a great way to read all of your blogs in one place.

My feeling is that much of what is posted by Steve (and myself) will begin to go mainstream this fall.

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